Chat Room Beggars  

BiKitsapGuy 55M
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9/19/2005 7:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chat Room Beggars

This is a rant, pure and simple.

What the hell is it with the boys in these chat rooms who's opening lines vary from "Anyone want to Ya**o?" to "Anyone wanna f**k?" ? I look at these postings with pitty. I look at these boys in a similar way I look at the poor unfortunate individuals I pass by on my walk into my office that beg for change. I don't, however, share the same compassion. I am hoping to elicit a response from one of these Chat Room Beggars. I want to know what goes through your mind when you send one of these posts. Do you feel clever? Do you feel witty? Do you ever expect a positive response? I understand that this site is a sexually oriented site and that the majority of the members are sexually motiviated. There is a difference to being sexually motivated and being disrespectful. There is also a line when disrespectful crosses over to hurtful. Many of you beggars dance all over that line. If there is one philosophy that I stress is that you always strive to help people. In the event you can't always help, do the next best thing...DON'T HARM OR HURT. You children insult our intelligence and, bit by bit, stain yourself and probably your self esteem. Perhaps if you took a minute you'd realize that it's makes you feel much better to be a positive person than a negative. If it doesn't than I truly pitty you.

Hopefully I'll have a happier posting later.

hothoneysex 62F

10/10/2005 7:25 pm

Thank you so much for what your wrote on the message board about me. I really feel sorry for the people that are so hurtful....its obvious they have no one that cares for them and thats why. Truly what goes around comes all we can do is move on. I sure won't post a gb ever again or get drew too much negative. I love the positive is truly too short. I hope your health just keeps getting better and better. Hugs, Sandra

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