Sara Smiles Again  

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8/5/2006 10:07 am

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10/31/2006 5:22 pm

Sara Smiles Again

I was in the grocery store, being bored at life's mundane activities. You shop, you eat, you sleep, you work. How anyone made it through the day was a miracle to me. Then I remembered the night of all nights. The smile, the feeling came rushing back to me. "That's how," I muttered to myself.

"That's how what?," came the voice from behind me. I whirled around. There she was! I couldn't speak. I hadn't imagined seeing her again until the next reunion. Her raised eyebrows, a playful grin, and her smell hit me like a truck. My head was spinning. "Hunh?," was all I could manage to utter.

"That's how what?," she said. "Oh, that's how much I have to spend today," I blurted out. She laughed, and it made me smile as well. "Mmmmm. That's the smile I've been missing," she said ina sultry voice. "My smile? You miss my smile?" I questioned. "Yep. Ever since that night, I have been dreaming about that smile. Obsessing even," Sara confessed. Her eyes once again cast their spell over me, and I melted with her heat.

"I have to confess," I started. "I have been wrapped up in the blanket of your smile." She pondered the thought, and then she smiled. Oh, what a world of information lay in that one smile. She gathered me up in her arms and gave me a hot, long, wet and passionate kiss. Days seemed to pass by as we embraced.

When it ended at last, I felt a bit dizzy. I touched her cheek and ran my finger along the curve of her lips. A woman standing nearby huffed and grunted. I looked over at her, and she looked at me with disgust. "Jealous honey?" I asked. She gasped and quickly walked away.

When I looked back at Sara, the smile had returned. "You're bad," she teased. I nodded and winked at her. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "And tonight you're mine."

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9/22/2006 1:17 pm


Wow do you ever do any activities for the pleasure of teasing men with your g/fs and you getting it on? If you would enjoy having a 3 some of you, a g/f and a man let me know I would love to watch and maybe join in.

drop me a note if you wish to get with me and see what you can enjoy having if we hang out some time. I can only tell you that you would be horny, hot, wet and wild for 2-8 if you can handle that much sexual teasing and pleasuring.


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