Law and Injustice  

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Law and Injustice

I had left my friend's house late. Bleary eyed, I turned the wrong way and ended up on a desolate road - no houses, no street signs, nothing at all. I figured if I kept driving I would eventually find civilization again, so I drove on. The red and blue lights in my rearview mirror startled me. I didn't remember seeing a police car. I felt a little relieved though. Finally someone could tell me where I was and how to get home.

I pulled over and turned my car off. I saw two hefty police officers exit the car from both sides, and a young boy crawled out of the back with an oversized police jacket on. He couldn't have been more than 10 or 11 years old, obviously the son of one of the officers. The driving officer approached my window and shined his light in my face. "License, registration, insurance," he barked. "They are in my glove compartment officer," I replied. "Get 'em out re-al slow," he said. He had a country-boy kind of drawl to his voice. I leaned over to the glove compartment and the other officer shined his light on my glove compartment. After producing the papers to the first officer, he turned his light back on my face.

"You're not from around here, are ya?" he inquired. "No," I chuckled. "I'm actually lost. Took a wrong turn somewhere. Can you tell me where I am and how to get back to the city?" He said nothing. He turned his flashlight off. "Get out of the vehicle," he ordered. I complied, wondering what I had said that was so wrong. He had me step back to the police car. He opened the back door of the car and ordered me to put my hands on the top of the door frame. "Now step backwards with your legs and spread 'em." I did as he said. "Tommy, what do you call this?" he asked the boy. "A body search, Uncle John," the boy replied enthusiastically. "A full body search," the officer replied. He ordered me to put my head down, and as I did so he put handcuffs around my wrists. His body was tight against mine. Instinctively I raised my head, only to have him shove it back down. "Don't make me hurt you missy," he growled.

I felt his sweaty hands come underneath my arms onto my breasts. He squeezed them hard and snickered. He then went underneath my shirt, ripped my breasts out of my bra and squeezed hard again. He grabbed the nipples and rolled them between his meaty fingers. I could feel his crotch start to move against my butt. He slid his hands down my belly to my pants. Unbuttoning the jeans and unzipping them seemed to take a fraction of a second. He quickly pulled my jeans down around my ankles. He ran his tongue up the back of my thigh. I heard the other officer giggle. "John, make her put her head and arms inside the car so she's re-al bent over," he tittered. "Yeah, good ide-a. You heard him. Now do it!" he commanded. I felt helpless, doing what I was told by these two deviants. He took a knife and cut off my panties, leaving me bare-bottomed and bent over. "Mmmm, mmmm. Look a' that!" the other officer said. "Time for a body cavity search, hunh Uncle John?" the boy panted. "Ummm, hmmm," was the reply.

Within seconds, he was inside me. His body jerked violently right and left, up and down, like a mechanical bull. Although his cock was small, it was thick and the motion was painful. Fortune smiled on me, as it was over in less than a minute. "Da-amn!" he gloated. "Next!" he crowed to the other officer. "Get her dad," the boy urged. He too jumped right in. His cock was small and thin. He, too, had an awkward motion, though not nearly as painful as his partner. He came quickly, as well. "Crap!" he pouted. "I was hoping to last a little longer this time." The words echoed in my head. This time, he had said. I wasn't the first to be by these miscreants. It was a stunning revelation.

I was pulled from the vehicle, and the cuffs were removed. "Pull your pants up, you dirty slut," the driving officer snorted. "Now get in your truck and drive away, re-al slow like." He threw my documents at me and turned to get in the police car. I picked up my stuff and pulled up my pants. I stood there looking stunned and defeated. As they drove away, I could hear the laughter from the three of them.

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