Childhood memories  

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1/22/2006 6:05 pm

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Childhood memories

I remember bits and pieces of my childhood, but there's always been a gray spot. Something there that I can't pin down. A lost memory or series of memories. When I moved back in with my father, the memories came back one night.

It was a hot night, so I lay in my room naked on my stomach and on top of the sheets. I didn't give it a thought. I was sleeping pretty soundly, so I never heard the soft pad of footsteps on my floor. I didn't realize I was being watched. The first touch was part of my dream - a single hand caressing my back. I was half awake when the hand reached my ass cheeks. The warmth of that hand was like a long bath. And it had a familiar touch. By the time both hands were caressing my ass cheeks, I was fully awake and confused. I asked who was there and I heard a quiet whisper say hush. The hands continued their caress, now moving between my cheeks and playing with my ass hole. I started to get up and was pushed back down gently but firmly.

Quiet now, came the whispered voice. The fingers made their way past my ass hole to my vagina and clit, stroking in a rhythm that I vaguely remembered. The memories came flooding back all at once. As a young girl, my father had been loving and attentive. He would caress me and touch me in many ways. My first kiss was with him. His fingers always seemed to find themselves beneath my panties, stroking my bare clit with the other hand manipulating my nipples. He would put my hand inside his pants to play with his manhood. When he came, he had me put my wet fingers inside my mouth to taste him. And he would put his fingers inside his mouth to taste me. On the rare occasion we were alone in the house, he would sit me on his lap, playing the game, and lifting me onto his massive member. The pain and pleasure were both so intense, the words never came out of my mouth to anyone. Only when he was caught fondling me did he stop forever. Or so I thought.

Daddy, I moaned. My baby grl, he whispered, knowing that now I remembered our first times together. I was wet with cum, his fingers now slipping inside me as his other hand came underneath me to caress my nipples. Instinctively I raised up my lower body. He slid his massive cock against my wet pussy, sliding it up and down until it was wet from my juices. He pushed his cock inside me, but he was too big and I was too tight to let it go in. Again he tried, again he couldn't get it inside. The third time, he shoved hard and the pain rose up from my groin. I moaned loudly. He moaned too. Now he was in full action, slowly in and out, getting harder by the minute. Now the pleasure kicked in, and I moved with him. Faster and faster he rammed his giant cock into my pussy, his balls slamming against my clit. I orgasmed several times, each time making him moan and my pussy throbbed. After an eternity of grinding together, he announced he was going to explode inside my pussy. He came with great force, making me orgasm again.

When he slid out of me, we laid down beside each other. He kissed me passionately, rubbing my nipples gently. He suckled my nipples, paying equal attention to both. As I lay there, I knew I would never again leave this house. I had come home.

My only problem was my father did not know about my dark side, my deviant side. I had been exposed to bestiality a year before while I was in college. As I watched the girl being ravaged by the large dog inside her, I actually felt myself longing to be in her place. I had so far been able to put the wild thoughts out of my mind, but I knew now that I had crossed a line with my father as my lover, and that these feelings of longing would soon be overwhelming. As my father started caressing my pussy again, I innocently asked if he would let me buy a dog. He readily agreed as he mounted me and began the second round of incredible orgasms that night. The rest is yet to be written in this saga of my lusty affair with the dark side of sexual freedom.

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1/23/2006 8:30 am

What a great tale. Imagine if your dad happened to come home unexpectedly and saw you in your bedroom with your new dog. At first he smiles, so happy to see you enjoying a companion, but then he pauses. Somethings wrong???

I hesitate unsure if I should enter or just pass by. The I realize, you have your hand between the dogs furry legs! Your other hand is pushed into your slacks. I am stunned! My daughter is masturbating as she jerks off her dog. I am frozen to the spot. I know I should do something but I can't seem to move. I become aware I am squeezing and stroking my own hard cock through my pants.

I see the hounds hips jeking now his tongue lolling out of his mouth. He lays to his side and suddenly his huge red cock comes into view with your small hand sliding up and down the shiney shaft. With a whimpering sound his cock jerks and the slimey jizz erupts spattering your arm, the bed and bathing your hand in his hot pungent seed.

A brief second latter I watch you double over moaning,obviously cumming in your pants. As you bring your dog cum covered fingers to your nose and then slowly sticking out your tongue I erupt in my pants, flooding my crotch with jet after jet of my own sticky cream.

With the last spasm of my cock I loose my grip on the door frame and bang against your partially open door. You look up in horror, seeing your dad standing there red faced panting staring at you licking dog cum off your hand.


"I.I.I. ummm"

Slowly, silently, I approach you. I see the fear in your eyes. Even the dog stares at us wonderingly. I stop only when my knees bump the side of your bed. I grab your hand --- scoop a thick wad of dog jizz off it ---- and push my finger to your mouth.

"Eat it!!" I demand

and you know things will never be the same...

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