What really goes on in the lady's room.  

BiCuriousWifePl 47M/43F
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5/30/2006 1:40 am

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10/3/2006 3:54 am

What really goes on in the lady's room.

I luv drop-dead-sexxxy,
high maintenance women.

My fantasy involves taking one to a high profile club and
letting her sparkle and shine.

After a while I will slip my panties to her which is our secret
sign and she asks me to help her find the bathroom.

When we get to the bathroom she goes into a stall then asks
me to join her. Seems there in something wrong with her garter

I join her and kneel down to help, lifting up the ruffle on
the skirt she is wearing to reveal a garter belt and no panties.

Her pussy throbs with heat and I can see her juice pearling
on her sweet, pink lips.

I lean forward for a taste and when I pull back I see my favorite
lip gloss color glisten on those sweet, pouting lips.

As I remove my pearl necklace she turns and braces herself
against a wall, leaning over and offering her ass to me.

I slowly begin to pull the large pearls across her clit as
I lick and suck her pussy from behind. As I build up a rhythm
and speed I continue to suck her pussy and lick her ass.

She bites her lip to keep from crying our as she presses her
ass into my face and drenches my pearls in cum.

After polishing up my pearls and our faces we go back out
to the party and mingle and dance some more before we say
our goodbyes. As I lean in close to pass out hugs and kisses
I get a few brighter then usual smiles.

As I press myself against the body of the hottie I had been
eyeing all night in an over friendly goodbye he asks me what
I will be doing later.

I turn and point out the women waiting across the room for
me who's pussy still tasted on my breath and whisper
in his ear, "Her".

BJandSherri 41M/35F

5/30/2006 4:18 am

We are a bi couple & into swinging.Your story made me SO WET !! I have had sex in a restroom before so I can really relate to this. Me & my b/f share our lovers and have a really fun time with our lifestyle.
Hugs & licks, Sherri

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