Test for a Sub.  

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5/30/2006 1:47 am

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Test for a Sub.

I don't usually go into fantasies but lately I have been having one on a reoccurring basis.

I have found myself attracted to submissive women lately and I am thinking about taking a sub.

The sub would have to apply for the position and be interviewed and undergo a series of tests before I could take her.

The first test would be beauty and grace.

Is her face and form beautiful to behold? Are her eyes expressive of passion and affection? Does she have a submissive way about her or does her spirit beg to be broken?

The second test would be intelligence.

Can she understand commands and obey in a way that would please me? Can she anticipate my every need and fulfill my every desire?

The next test would be skin tone.

I think a pale skin tone would be best for a sub. She should take care that her skin is soft and scented at all times so her mistress finds pleasure in petting her pet.

The skin should be sensitive enough that the slightest tough of her masters hand sends her ecstasy but pliable enough that gentle slaps of correction leave no more then passing red marks.

On occasion more firm measures may be need with the sub.

An ideal sub on this occasion should attempt to find comfort in her master loving her enough to offer these corrections to her.

the test for the sub would require her to be restrained in a kneeling position with her head down and her legs spread as wide as possible. This is for the protection of the sub as well as the pleasure of the mistress.

Testing would require the use of several different floggers and paddles to gage a response to them all. The master will occasionally judge the skin of the sub for markings and heat.

Heat should be tested both with the finger tips and the tongue.

From the subs pose the mistress is able to watch as the subs pussy blooms under her attention.

The subs pussy should be tasted often for sweetness and become sweeter as she cums.

The subs next tested on her sensuality.

The mistress will open herself up for worship from the sub.

The perfect sub would be in aw of her mistress and reverent in her worship.

A sub should approach her mistresses pussy gently at first with soft kisses and licks. the pussy lips of the mistress must be sufficiently worshiped before the sub is allowed to part them with her tongue.

During the test close attention will be payed to how well the sub is able to please her mistress in technique but more attention will be placed on sensuality.

A good sub will loose herself in ecstasy worshiping and should be occasionally redirected.

This is easiest done when the sub has long hair.

This would conclude the opening interview with a applying sub with me.

If the mistress wishes the relationship will proceed to the next level of tests,

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