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6/23/2006 11:01 pm

It was just supposed to be some photo's of us for my myspace profile.

You and me together like we always are looking cute. You wore pig tails and a school girl skirt while I was the stern school mistress. The combination was hot.

When the photographer suggested we go a little further with the shots you giggled and in your little girl way knelt behind me lifting my skirt. I bent over the high stool we were using as a prop and looked over my shoulder to see your pink little tongue slip out of your glossy mouth and trace the curve of my ass for the camera. I held my ass high and arched my back to give you access.

He got the shot and as my pussy got hotter I imagined the room smelled like sex.

There you were all sexy and innocent looking eating my ass for the camera.

When the photographer suggested a different angle I leaned back on the stool for support as you knelt on your hands and knees between my spread legs.

It was the perfect picture of the innocent school girl being instructed by her teacher.

When they called the shot you didn't hear and continued to eat my pussy until I gently pulled you away by your pig tails.

I heard the snap of the shutter and imagined I looked again like the harsh task mistress forcing the little girl to service me.

They placed you draped across my lap and handed me a paddle explaining that for the next shot you had been bad and needed to be punished. They stopped calling shots and just started snapping pictures as I brought the paddle down several times on your sweet ass.

I flipped up the ruffle on your skirt and pushed your panties down so they could better shoot your ass. You looked like you were enjoying your punishment and I slipped a finger into your pussy from behind to find you as wet as I was.

With your panties hanging down around your ankles and your beautiful hair covering your face I continued to punish you with the paddle alternating finger fucking you as around us the camera crew scrambled to reposition and get the best angle.

You whispered harder and I ignored the sting in my hand as I brought the paddle down repeatedly. Your ass heaved upwards with each stroke as you fought to meet your punishment gracefully for the camera.

I felt you start to cum and slipped a finger inside you as I rubbed your ass with the other hand. I felt like it was sucking my finger trying to pull it in deeper as your pussy spasmed around it with your orgasm.

My hand was drenched with your cum and I used it as a balm to cool your ass massaging it into the red swollen flesh exposed to the camera.

We went on to film several more choreographed scenes but we lost the magic when they started directing us.

Some say life imitates art but with us I think it's art imitates life.

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