Happy Birthday Across The miles.  

BiCuriousWifePl 47M/43F
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6/24/2006 6:22 pm
Happy Birthday Across The miles.

I found the perfect birthday present playing pool tonight. The petite red head came home with me as your special surprise.

She blushed so sweetly as I explained she was your for the evening then asked to be excused to the bathroom. When she returned she was clad only in her flaming red hair that hung to her waist.

I watched as she knelt in front of you and removed your hard cock from your pants. She tried so hard to please you and I watched as she repeatedly swallowed you to your balls.

Her sweet heart shaped ass swayed back and forth captivating me as she struggled to take you deeper.

Before she could finish you asked if we could move to the bedroom.

Moving onto the bed with her I held her in my arms and spread her body out for you. Positioning her between my legs she reclined against my chest and I felt everything that she did. I swallowed her moans with deep kisses as you placed your mouth on her. I knew what she was feeling and I whispered words of encouragement into her hair as I kissed her exposed neck licking the sensitive hollows of her throat.

I held her breasts for you to lick and the three of us shared kisses as you fucked her in my arms. her moans made me hot and when she rode you I laid back on pillows and watched, occasionally reaching out to pet the lovely breasts or run my thumb across her exposed clit to watch her shudder.

It made me proud to watch you fuck her. She liked it when you pulled her hair and got a little rough with her, I watched as you totally dominated her and reduced her to throaty moans of pleasure. With each new touch she would beg you to continue while telling me how lucky I was to have you.

You pulled out of her and pulled me close to finish. You always finished with me, never cumming in another woman.

It was my right as your wife and I loved the way you fucked me while she watched.

I fell asleep while you cuddled both of us in your arms and you told me later you had made sure she got to her car alright but I came away thinking I was the one who had gotten the present

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