Bisexuality - What's so bad about it?  

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9/25/2005 1:26 pm

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Bisexuality - What's so bad about it?

a recent debate with friend had me thinking about why I tried so hard to not admit to others when I was younger, that I was bi. I think it was because I feared the 'stigma' of being considered homosexual rather then heterosexual. When you're young, growing up in the bible belt, and (gasp) Catholic, you absolutely do not even HINT at being interested in the same sex, because of course of all that hell and damnation stuff, not to mention the disappointment of the parents.

I had many many many encounters when I was in high school, just play acting and the usual girlish sillines that planted a seed in my mind that I was bi, (again I say bi because I was never gonna give up men!!) and my first REAL experience during my freshman year at college confirmed who/what I was. I dabbled here and there for the next few years, until I met my husband, when i settled down and became strictly 'heterosexual'. I remember telling him I was bi when we first became serious in our relationship before our marriage, but never acted it out with him. Now I am comfortable with who/what I am, and he is encouraging me to be the person I am , and I'm now on this site trying to find others who may be interested in a F/F relationship, but mainly as friends with benefits because I am already in a committed relationship, to which I will never leave.

Think I'm getting sidetracked... what I mean is that I am now trying to 'out' myself as being bi, because I do not think there is anything wrong with it now as a more 'informed' adult. It's not like since I'm telling my close friends that I am bi, that I'm suddenly going to try to seduce them into naughty play, or that they have to be careful who they introduce me to with their friends, (isnt it funny how some people do that??). I figure that I'm getting (well not lately!) the best of both worlds, and I can appreciate the human form in both sexes, and not be concerned with what others think of me.

Enough babbling, rambling, stuff, question is, What's your opinion on this? Do you think people are afraid of admitting to being bi to others for fear of what they might think of them? loose morals, heathenistic/hedonistic, GREEDY?

By the way, I am not OUT to my extended family because of that, I don't think they need to know about my sexual life (Eewwwweee if they do) and i'm not saying that once I meet a person within a week I'm telling them I'm bi, just if they happend to wonder why the heck I'm checking out a gal at the mall or school.

OK i'll shut up now! Please feel free to post anything , questions, comments, anectdotes, salutations... etc.

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9/26/2005 8:07 am

hey brown i like it keep it up.

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9/25/2005 3:47 pm

Hey girl,

just sitting back and learning what I can of this experience. Check this recent post of mine for some stats on Bi women as regards AdultFriendFinder anyway.

A F F Frequency of Homosexuality Across the Globe



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9/25/2005 3:22 pm


Applause for being who you are and for telling your husband. (Bravo to him for being understanding and trusting you.) Your sex life is your business.

I'm secure enough with my sexuality that I'm not offended or freaked out if a woman expresses an interest in me. Although I consider myself to be straight, who knows what would happen the right situation presented itself?

Anyway, I think that people the people that are most vocal and negative about bisexuality are secretly turned on and can't handle it. (That's right! I said it. LO

I can totally see why some people wouldn't want to identify themselves as being bisexual or homosexual. There's nothing wrong with their sexuality, but there are so many people that don't know anything about it sharing their unwanted (and sometimes plain ignorant) comments. Who needs it?

Hell, aren't we all "greedy" in some way or another? It doesn't always have to be about sex.

Anyway, great post.

I'll shut up now. LOL

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