California here I cum  

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3/17/2005 9:51 am

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California here I cum

Well, next week I Gotta Go to OAKland for a while. Just left Andover Mass. One of these days I`m gonna stop at the house for a month or so. Anyway, I hear it`s nice out in Cali.
I also hear that the women are really HoTTT.Im gonna have a big stiff one when I get there (P head probably shine like a new apple) Hope I dont have to wait too long to hookup. it was Kinda boring in Anodver with all the cold weather.

Trying to get repacked and fall up into some home hunny B4 I catch that flight. My hunch partner is having problems at home so i might have to hook up with a standby. Damn.... ain`t nothing like a good fuck buddy though. SHE really knows how to slurp it. It's almost like she's hungry for that meat and 2 veggies.


Back to CALI
Looks like I`ll be around Oakland and San Jose and between. Hope i find a lady who knows the area well. Then maybe I won`t have to bar hop a lot. Hmmmmm.....Would be nice to have some female companionship for dinner. MY treat of course......

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