Wearing panties  

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9/12/2006 1:56 am
Wearing panties

Outwardly if anyone were to look at me, they would see a very masculine, moustached man. What they don't see is the female side of me that needs to be expressed. From the waist down, I am completely smooth except for the hair around my dick.
I love to wear anything sexy and feel its silky softness against my hairless skin. I am also bisexual and like to be with men when I am wearing sexy things. I wish there was a group of men in my area who shared the same feelings about female clothing. It would be great to just get together and dress the way we like and just lay around feeling sexy. If they were bisexual too would make it even better.
Do any of you share the same feelings of wanting to express that female side?
Oh a deep desire is to be dressed for two or more masculine men and let them have their way with me. Also to be with a married couple who likes a big girl like me to share their sexual activities.

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