Holy wow, she's alive.....  

Beckoning_BBW 40F
8/3/2006 8:56 pm
Holy wow, she's alive.....

Yes, yes I am....

to those who missed me anyways...

So much has happened in the last month since returning from Chicago....

And of course, some things havent changed at all.

First off, I need new girlfriends, I need to go out every now and then, dancing, having a drink two and LET LOOSE. I have stopped doing things that make me happy and I need to pick up on it once again...

this includes sex. Hell, sex makes me happy, or at least it should right.

Hubby and I haven't had anything close to sex in I dont know how long. He now sleeps on the couch and I sleep in my own bed, free of snoring and sharing....till any of the kids hop in...

another thing...summer time, those kids are home. I mean I have sent them to camp as much as I can, but the money tree in the yard has just up and walked away...not suere where to find it *tee hee*

Hubby has lost his job and the dept screwed him over so no UI, ugh.

I am now going from 1 shift every two weeks, to FOUR days a week, WOW, what an alteration in life.

To boot...
one guy I flirt with, he flirts back, he got a girlfriend
another guy same thing
AND WE ALL WORK TOGETHER...gosh how uncomfy is that LOL

I need sex
I need fun

gosh I need a lot....and I normally am not a NEEDY person.

Okay, enough for now.

Glad I could post.

Take care everyone


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wpgfunman 42M  
74 posts
8/4/2006 7:56 am

Awwww...I am sorry to hear that.

I know what it is like to be alone and needing. It is even worse when you are with someone who is not responsive.

If you ever need to talk (or anything else. ) then feel free to write. I can probably be found IM's somewhere, somewhere hot even. (There may be a clue there somewhere. )

CoedsRamalCinch 48M

8/4/2006 8:42 pm

Welcome back Beck. I've missed you. I was wondering how things were going at home and now I know. I need the same things you do . You know where to find me, and i'd love to talk to you soon.

Respitation 38M

8/9/2006 9:22 pm

Wow, girl, lookin hot in this picture.

Sorry bout hubby. Makes you feel better, my supervisor just told me I might be out of a job due to seniority, administrative poo poo. Fuckin' bust my ass. But I applied for 3 jobs tonight, so hey, I'm employable.

Worst case scenario, you'll be sending your kids off to the ski hill for lessons with me. Maybe you'd like to ride my tow rope... HA HA HA... I'm sooooo not funny.

Sorry about the zoo thing, I for sure thought it was you. Obviously the night does not do your glorious anatomy justice.

Anyways, I'm up for a harmless walk one day, maybe. I'm so skittish, I'm like that girl that goes to church and wants to be bad but she can't (except I'm a man...shhhhh). The only thing going for me is that I don't have a pic of my weiner on my AdultFriendFinder profile.

What's with all these sappy men on your blog????????? Awwwww...

FunFlirty4u 47F

8/24/2006 6:58 pm

I sleep alone too.

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