A Man with MORALS??? WTF  

Beckoning_BBW 40F
5/25/2006 9:03 am
A Man with MORALS??? WTF

Okay so not many men I have come across in my life have much in the way of morals...
((Hubby excluded)) HAHAHA

So this guy at work....he is cute, like pinch cheeks cute, but I totally want to get him in bed, or wherever it happens to be.

Anyways, we were both at work a few weeks ago, drinking, and we got super flirty with eachother. We all know what happens when people drink, some of us get a but more friendly....some of us get more truthful, well he and I got both.

After about 1/2 hour of discussions and flirting some more we decided that no, nothing more than flirting will ever happen. He has always said "NO" to that since I am married, and he never wants to come in between a married couple etc. etc. (insert AWWWWWWWW here)
I explained how things work in my marriage, and while he respected that, he in turn asked me to respect his decisions. Well fine then
(insert SULK here)

He then asked if we can still flirt like we always do now that we have both agreed it will not go anywhere. I said yes, which brings me to last night.

When I was done work, I went too see who else was working, and it was him. He said hi sweetie, like he always does, so that reassured me that nothing had changed.

Then when I said, Hey, have I told you how hot you are today, he said no, but thank you sweetie, and kissed my cheek. Gosh I wanted to melt.

Then I get an invite from another person at work to hang out there on Friday night, and guess what, he is hanging out there too. Which means drinking...which means flirting....

WOO HOO, i might actually get some action this weekend...well not THAT kind of action...


Enjoy your Thursday

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rm_livenow1972 46M
24 posts
6/7/2006 2:48 pm

drink up hope itwork's out or in and out

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