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Original Post date - Friday, February 04, 2005

Separation sucks. My sweet subbie lives an hour (to an hour and 45 mins depending upon traffic) away. I know that isn't far in terms of fetish relationships, but in reality, it is a bit of a distance. You don't often drive an hour on a spur of the moment whim. Especially since I HATE to drive. I've done spur of the moment things a few times because I really don't like being without him, but for the most part, I go up the day before his day off and stay till he goes to work the day after his day off. This past bit, I've gotten spoiled. I spent the night with him last Saturday thru this Friday. The prior week I'd spent 6 nights with him. Now I'm faced with three nights of falling asleep without his warmth pressed against me; three mornings of not waking up to his kiss. I won't see him again until Monday night, unless I crack and do a spur of the moment jaunt. I really want him closer.

Last night we attended a munch together. It was fun and we met some new people that I hope come back on a regular basis. But the drive home was a melancholy one. It had hit me (and him it turns out) during the munch that I was about to go days without his touch. I know we need time apart. Everyone needs their own space. Even knowing that, I hate it. I hate hate hate this separation!

On the up side, we had a fun evening after the munch. To cheer myself up, I pulled out the humbler and some chain, some clothespins, nipple clips, some bondage stuff and some CBT stuff. The purpose of a humbler is to keep a man from standing erect. The testicles go through the hole and the board part behind the legs. It is humorous to put them in the device and have them do things. I have two different types, one that is heavy and designed to pull on the testes, the other lighter and just for predicament bondage. I've added some features to both of my humblers.. a chain around the front of the legs to prevent "stepping out" of it and a lock so they can't just take it off. If you're interested in getting one and not paying a fortune try Stumpy's Woodworking (one of mine is from him.. the oak with special knobs)

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