Touched by a wishlist  

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8/7/2006 4:15 am
Touched by a wishlist

Original Post date - Thursday, March 09, 2006

Toys.. I love getting toys as gifts. Nothing lights my day up more than a new toy. LOL, I've always said toys were the quickest way to my heart. Now I've updated an old wish list of mine (View My Wish List) in time for my birthday. My thought was to give my subhub and one or two friends some ideas of what I'd like. I was talking with a very sweet man who has chatted with me on and off for years as I was updating the list and he asked for the link. I thought nothing of it. People like to co-surf with you. Well, this gentleman ended up buying me a birthday gift off of my wishlist! I was surprised at his generosity. He told me he'd enjoyed our conversations so much over the years, that it made him happy to do this for me. *smiles* I was very touched. Not only was I touched... *huge grin* I have a new flogger! *snoopy dance* While I love the flogger, he could have bought me the least thing on my list and still touched my heart. Sometimes people surprise you!

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