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Profiles, Lists, Outlines

Original Post date - Saturday, June 25, 2005

I was helping someone with writing a profile the other day. Profile writing is daunting and time consuming. It took me a year to finally get one polished to the point that I was happy with it, I'm going to share with you an idea I shared with him.

Don't rush your ad. It is going to take several days to write. Put things down as you think of them, and then work to polish it as you go along. It might be easier to make a couple of lists before you start. Stuff like: My Experience, What I want in a sub, What I will NOT accept in a sub, what can I offer a sub (do you have special types of training you do? can you offer them security without them having to work? Do you love to cook and will never let a woman near YOUR kitchen?), what duties will I expect of a sub, What can my sub expect from me (discipline? Daddy/Maternal type Dominance? Gor?) What fetishes/acts will I not live without, what do I really want out of a relationship both short term and long term and stuff like that. The listings them self will probably take a full day.

I know it has been a long time since high school for most of us, and putting things into an outline no longer is second nature. You might find it helpful for here though, to keep yourself on track.

1. Experience
a. years and type
b. special training
c. type of Dom/me or Dominance
2. Fetishes
a. my list of fetishes
b. must have
c. hard limits
3. What I have to offer
a. relationship status (married/divorced/single/poly)
b. relationship goals
c. environment
d. my special skills
4. The submissive
a. traits my submissive must have
b. Deal breakers (things they can NOT have/do)
c. special requirements, if any
d. experience level you require.
5. About Me
a. vanilla hobbies
b. special interests (science fiction, history, women's rights)
c. personal info (can include general job field- I'm in computers/education/acting/sales/insurance, like or dislike animals, if you have children and if they are dependant or not)

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