New Fantasy!  

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8/7/2006 3:49 am
New Fantasy!

Original Post Date - Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh my sweet lil one, I have a new fantasy I plan to make come true very soon! You know how soundly you sleep? Remember me painting your toenails and writing on you while you slept? Do you remember all the times you've woke up to me pleasuring myself on your hard cock, not caring if you're awake or not? You should as we just talked about the times you didn't wake up and I used you to my heart's content and then went back to sleep, leaving your hard cock dripping with my juices, but unfulfilled. I wonder what your dreams were like those nights.. I should have asked. *smiles*

I know I can manage to put my strap on harness on without waking you up. You never wake up when I roll you on your side, so this time will be no different. Applying the lube to you won't wake you, since I'll be feather light and gentle. I'll take you from behind while you lie on your side. Your first burst of consciousness, if you actually wake up, will come when I slide the first inch inside of you. I'll pause for a few moments to let you lull yourself back to sleep if you manage to actually not come to full consciousness. I hope you don't. I want to gently slide the full length inside of you a few times so you're loosened and prepared to take it rough. If you do wake up, I want it to be to a pounding violation of you.. with my upper leg wrapped over yours for leverage, my silicone cock plundering your insides. I want you to wake to my total possession of you. While it may take a few times of trying, one of these nights, I will have what I want. *smiles* I may even wait till one night after we've had a hard day of play, so that you're sure to sleep totally through the event. I like the idea of you having to clean the used dildo the next day, feeling your abused lil butt, and knowing you were USED for my pleasure.

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8/7/2006 4:22 am

Very hot stuff!

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