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Original Post date - Sunday, December 12, 2004

Once again a wonderful party at man's Ruin! My ex sub Pup made some ball bangers for me to share with the other Domme, and in picking them up I got to introduce him to my current sub. They both came away with positive feelings about the other, so I was very pleased.

At the party, I got to play with Goddess Michelle and her sub, my greg and tall greg. I love the atmosphere when two Domme play together. I must say my favorite part of the party was sitting and talking to Lady Ayhla with greg kneeling by my feet. There was something just so touching about it. The only thing that marred the evening was some Domme I'd never met previously. I was carrying around one of the ball bangers and she asked to try it out. Of course I said yes. She took the banger and started smashing away at poor greg's testicles. I was so stunned it took me a moment to recover. I put my hand between his balls and her smacks. She was hitting him hard enough that it left a light bruise on the back of my hand. I was furious. I'd never seen a Domme act in such a fashion before. She'd never met either of us and from what I understand was fairly new to town. She had no reason to believe she could whale away on him. That pretty much ruined the evening and we left.

The absolute best part of the evening was back at the hotel. Let me back up 6 weeks. Six weeks prior, I'd been sick and tired of subs. I didn't want to have anything to do with them. I'd had a bunch of bad experiences in a row, the last sub being literally psychotic. I needed to still be around the BDSM lifestyle. I joined an organization- Club FEm- I'd been hearing about that was Domme/ male sub only. I figured I could just ignore the subs. My first munch, I pretty much did just that. I had a great time talking to the other Domme.

At the opening of man's Ruin, I met lil greg. He caught my attention and impressed me. Our first session turned out to be the most intense session I've ever had. I truly enjoyed spending time with him. He showed me that the type of sub I was seeking did exist. I'd just been looking in the wrong place.

As I started to pay more attention, I realized that the rest of the subs at Club FEm also shared some of his qualities. I started to relax a bit more and stopped finding the idea of having a relationship with another sub to be something to send me running screaming, into the night. There was a slight problem with this. The person I felt would be perfect for me, my sweet lil greg, had been very up front from the beginning that he wasn't looking for a relationship. I was saddened by this, but I wanted to try a relationship with this new type of sub. I talked with greg early that week about the fact that we had different relationship goals and that while I treasured playing with him and didn't want to lose him as a partner, I needed to start seeking he who would be mine. Greg's response to that made me feel that he just needed a bit more time and he would be ready.

I decided not to look very hard. If there was some chance with this sub, I wanted him. I feel the best is worth waiting for. *smiles* I expected it to take a few months for him to settle into the idea of a relationship. I was surprised, touched and overjoyed that night after the party when he brought the subject up again and let me know he had thought about it and wanted to be mine. I keep getting told by subs I chat with that I need to pass on for them how lucky he is. It goes both ways. I'm also very lucky to have found someone who makes me so happy! *smiles*

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Very nice post! I am also interested in this type of lifestyle. Check this out! Are Ya Kinky Like Me {=}

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Nice! Thanks for the info, I find it so intriguing.

Purry {=}


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