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8/7/2006 3:40 am
Family Unit

Original Post date - Sunday, March 13, 2005

I met my sub's family for the first time the other day. You know how that goes.. you try to put off meeting their family for as looooooong as possible. Especially in a kink relationship. This is the first sub I've ever had that I've gotten to the point of meeting the family. It is a bit daunting.

They are lovely people who made me feel right at home. His one uncle makes dream catchers. He's a bit shy and didn't talk with me much, but before we left, he gave me the prettiest dream catcher I've ever seen. (I may be prejudiced, because I've always wanted a dream catcher and have just never acquired one. I was so touched by his gift.. But it is teal and purple and pretty! ) I was let view family photos and their blind dog showed off for me. We had other plans, but ended up spending an extra hour with them because I didn't want our first visit to be a short one after realizing how much like my own family they are.

Family is so important, and my heart always hurts for people who either have lost their famiily or are just not close to them. My Great Grandmother always told us that there were two things in this life that you could truly call your own: your education and your family. I can't imagine not having a loving family only a phone call away.

Which makes you think about what family really is.. I have not just the family I was born to, but family of the heart. I've lived with my housemate for 12 years. We were involved at one time, but that slowly changed into friendship. We often fight like brother and sister and watch out for each other like brother and sister. It is rare to have a friend who truly counts as family, but I'm lucky enough to have that.

Now I have the family I want to start. My submissive boyfriend and I are moving in together. We've briefly talked about children. He'd never thought about having or not having them, so I told him to go think about it for a year or so and then we'll talk about it again. It is such an important decision that I do not think anyone can make it without a lot of consideration about the emotional, financial and familial implications. Even if we opt not to have children (the side I think I'm on at the moment for purely financial reasons) I want he and I to be a family unit.

I've never set out to form a family unit before, and it is a bit of an eye opening task. There is a lot of responsibility to having family. While my housemate turned into family over time (my family calls on his birthday and calls as often to talk with him as with me) I'm not sure exactly how to set out creating that dynamic. This will be an interesting journey. *smiles*

Ok, I'm going to play my Sims (computer game, Sims 2) and create some families there. Practice makes perfect. Ok, I know you can't learn about life from a game.. but I'm still going to go play. It's just my rationalization for the day. LoL

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