Carnavale De Sade  

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8/7/2006 3:03 am
Carnavale De Sade

Original Post date - Saturday, December 04, 2004

*sleepy smile* I'm finally starting to come down. Went up to Passive Arts this evening for the Carnavale De Sade. I had a wonderful time playing, first with the sub I've been seeing for the past few weeks then with another sub from Club FEm. I'd forgotten just how good it is to play with two at once. Two men restrained, awaiting my pleasure. Mmmmmmmmm. There is something so visceral about knowing that they're yours for the taking. Their flesh is yours to use and abuse. I wish I could let those who have never felt it experience it... the rush, the power, the sexual charge! It is almost addictive. The last time I played with two men, I let one of them top the other with me. That was fun, but somehow it is better to have them waiting on your pleasure. After playing, we packed up and tried to leave, but the show had started.. my lil subbie friend and I got to watch Aesthetic Meat Front perform. It was fun at first, my little one kneeling at my feet with me stroking his hair.. till I realized the dancers were dancing around goat heads. Yes.. the heads (and feet) of dead goats. Oh, but wait.. we've not gotten to the point where the scantily clad sexy girls started painting themselves with blood. What can I say? We left early. Other than the heads, feet and blood, it was a very nice evening. It was hard to let the sub I'd played with out of the car at his home. He didn't much want to go either.. but we will see each other and play again next Friday. Also next Friday, I should be getting a NASTY new toy, made by one of the Club FEm subs. I can't wait!

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