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BayLuv69 48M
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7/11/2006 7:59 pm
A funny thing

So, here's a funny story for you. Last Saturday I hosted my godson's 3rd B'day party. He had an Elmo/Sesame Street theme since that's what he's really into and since we couldn't find enough Wiggles stuff to go with that theme instead. A week ago I found this enormous Elmo pinata at a store in San Mateo. It was nearly 4" tall and only cost $20, so I had to buy it.

We filled this gigantic Elmo with a ton of candy and it was time for Elmo to meet his maker at the hands of the blindfolded kids with the decorated stick. The only problem is that I don't have a tree on my property so I had to jerryrig some contraption to suspend Elmo from.

I devised a great idea to hang Elmo off of a 10' long fence pole sticking out of the 2nd story bathroom window. That part actually worked great, so the jokes not there, but here's what happened.

My buddy, Carlos, was in charge of lifting Elmo with rope and I was in charge of the pole not falling out the window and clobbering 20 kids below. We start the festivities and everything's going great, until...

First, the plastic hooks that were holding the rope onto Elmo's head popped off and Elmo crashed down about 5 feet. Carlos hooked him back up in a jiffy and the next kid was ready to swing. A couple of minutes later, Carlos is heaving and hoing Elmo up and down and then crash again. This time the rope broke and Elmo suffered another tremendous fall. Then after another 5 minutes of the up's and down's for Elmo, his entire head completely popped off, OH MY GOD!!!

I was thinking that I was going to have a gaggle of terrified kids, scarred for life. Imagine the shrink bills!!! But actually, all the candy spilled out, nobody gave a damn about poor headless Elmo, and one kid resourcefully grabbed Elmo's head and used it as a candy bag.

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