There are worse ways to spend a night.  

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7/21/2005 5:08 am

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There are worse ways to spend a night.

It was hot in the house. Her night gown was starting to stick to her skin. She was bone tired. She had not had a good night sleep in days. As she lay down in her bed, she felt that familiar ache. The ache that she had grown so accustomed to, that it seems like an old friend. The feeling like she had a big empty spot in her. A hole that only he could fill in that one special way. She longed to feel his breath on her neck. To feel him kissing the top of her shoulder. She desperately wanted to him to take her growing nipples in his mouth. She craved the feeling of his weight on her, as he entered her. How she could tell when he was about to explode with pleasure inside her. That was only a dream. He was not here, was he? She was in bed alone as always. She drifts off to sleep wishing he was holding her, in his arms.

She feels him gently nibbling on her earlobe. Where did he come from? How did he get here? She does not care. He is here with her. He is now kissing her neck. His hand is caressing her chest just below her neck. He is so tight up against her, that she can feel him start to grow. As he works his way down her neck, his hand starts to roll her over.
She starts to open her eyes to look at him, but she can’t. She is afraid that if she does, the dream will be over. He slides the straps of her night gown, down her shoulders. She arches her back, so that he can slide the gown down her body.

A minute ago the room was burning up, but as soon as the gown passed her nipples they popped up, as if she was in a freezer. They were sticking up so far that they hurt. They were screaming for the soft warm feeling of his tongue on them. He moved from her neck. He softly kissed her lips. At first short little kisses, then growing with passion. When she opened her mouth he began to explore her tongue with his own. Both of their passions, growing together. She does not dare open her eyes now, for she knows this is only a dream. He kisses his way down the neck to the top of her chest. Why is he taking so long? His teasing is driving her crazy. Suddenly he is gone. Where is he? Then she can feel him sit on the bed beside her. She starts to speak. He places his finger on her lips, telling her not to speak, without him saying a word.

She feels something soft on her cheek. First one then the other. What is he using? Then he touches it to her lips. It is so soft. Then she smells it. That sweet aroma from her past. It’s a rose. He trails the rose across her upper chest. He circles her nipples with it. What a sensation. Soft, smooth, and cool, to the touch. He is circling her breast in larger and larger circles. She can feel it as he drags it back and forth across her stomach. He stands up. She feels him try to slide her gown down the rest of her body. As each inch is exposed to the air, every nerve comes alive. She lifts her hips to help him. He takes his time removing the gown. He is using her gown to tease her. The silky smoothness of her gown is making every nerve scream. Her skin is burning hot, and her nipples seem to do the impossible and grow more.

Where is he? Did he leave, she hopes not. Then she feels the rose. He is tickling the bottoms of her feet. Now he is using it on her legs. Up her calf then back down. Up the other calf then back down. Each time he goes higher the back down. Now he is rubbing the rose on her thighs. It feels so cool. Each time he touches her thigh, it sends shock waves straight to the nerves in her pussy. She is so wet; she can feel the moisture start to flow from her body. Her clit is on fire. He is rubbing it on her inner thighs, on that spot where the leg meets the body. Up and down that little crease, then the other. He is cruel. He circles her pussy, but never touches it. She feels him retrace his path back up her body.

She feels his lips on hers. She eagerly opens her mouth to accept his probing tongue.
He lowers himself on her. She can feel the heat radiating from his body. His warmth and weight is what she has been craving. He again kisses her neck. He is covering her with his soft warm kisses. He lowers himself so that his mouth is just above her aching nipples. He takes one in his mouth. Feeling his tongue on her nipple, starts a flood from her already wet pussy.

She is so distracted by his mouth that her barley hears the strange sound, till she feels something freezing cold on the other nipple. What the hell is he doing? Then she feels the cold on her lips. She parts her lips ever so slightly. She sticks her tongue into something cool and soft. She tastes the sweetness. Its whip cream. Where did he get that? He starts to lick off the whip cream. The difference, between the coolness of the whip cream, and the warmth of his tongue. Is creating a sensation that, she has never felt before. He is now going between the nipples. Sucking one, then the other. Finely he is working his way down her body. He kisses all around her pussy. Her mind is begging him to part those swollen lips with his tongue. To stick his tongue deep inside her. He kisses her on each side of her pussy. Then he licks the entire length of her pussy once. He moves to her inner thigh. She wants to scream. No, don’t stop, please I need your tongue deep in my pussy. But she dares not speak. She may cause herself to wake up.

He is ever so slowly kissing his way down her leg. He is kissing the top of her foot. He then takes each of her toes into his mouth, and sucks each one. She is squirming with delight. She never knew that the nerves in her toes were connected to her pussy.
Every time he sucks on a toe, it sends lighting bolts straight to her already soaked pussy.
Her pussy is so wet that her thighs are covered, with the sweet nectar. He moves to the other foot. He starts on those toes. She can not stop her body from moving. She is no longer in control of her movements. Her pleasure is in complete control.

He starts his way up the other leg. Lifting her leg, so that he can kiss her calf. He is circling her leg with kisses. He is now working up her inner thigh. He is so far up that she can feel the heat of his breath on her clit. Then all of a sudden he buries his tongue, deep in her pussy. He is licking her pussy like never before. He is fucking her with his tongue. She comes in wave after wave. He only increases his pace. He pulls his tongue out of her, and sucks on her clit. This takes her breath away. He is rolling her clit on his tongue. He gently pinches her clit between his soft lips. He flicks the tip of his tongue, across her clit. She can not stand it any more. She grabs the back of his head, and holds him there, as she grinds her pussy into his face. She wants to come again. She can feel it coming.

He pulls away. She grabs for his head but can not find him. She then feels him kissing her stomach. He works his way back up to her breast. He again gives her breast the attention they crave. He continues up her neck to her ear lobe. She feels his hard dick on her thigh.
She moves her hips so that he is just at the entry of her pussy.
He enters her, with the tip only. He starts to move in and out of her. Only using the tip of his dick. She tries to move her hips to receive more of him. He keeps her away. A whimper escapes her lips. He teases her with his dick for what seems like hours. When she is almost to the point that she can’t take it any more.

He drives deep inside her. He is now pounding into her. As deep into her as he can go. Out to the point where the tip is the only thing left in. He keeps pounding into her pussy like he is a jack hammer. She can feel the waves start to crash. She knows what is coming. All of a sudden she feels him twitch inside her. Then he explodes inside her.
She has never felt that much cum gush inside her. That takes her over the edge. She is rocked with the orgasm that she has been craving for months. They collapse on each other. The sweat of their bodies running together. Their bodies in one big heap. He kisses her neck. She falls into a deep sleep.

She wakes up refreshed. The sun shining through the gaps in the blinds. She can not believe the dream she had. It seemed so real. She knows that it was only a dream. How could he get in? Where did he go? She still has her night gown on. But it sure was a great dream. She goes to the kitchen to start breakfast. Her heart stops. In the middle of an other wise empty table is a single red rose.

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