Merciful Love  

Barbiebunny69 45F
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4/3/2005 5:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Merciful Love

Ive seen a lot of people talk about the catholic church and the state of catholicism and the Pope.
Now im far from a holy roller but a lot of these things are comepletely out of touch, antiquated and understudied with what CURRENTLY the church's messgae is and really..i think its quite extraordinary.

Its acted as a peaceful wind of change thru eastern europe, acted to liberate the down trodden, and went toe to toe with the worlds most powerful leaders. Reconcilliation a coming to gether of whats common rather than what divides us is a powerful message. But can we hear it after being raised in a culture that divides us?

The Pope admitted mistakes to reconcile the church with its past that many non catholics still cry out in punishment. Hes reached out to the Jews, Moslems and Evangelicals...did they come to Rome first? his policy that one does not need to convert to be saved is HUGE. Try and get your mind around that brothers and sisters.

Which brings me to what ive been pondering, Merciful love. Merciful love is a love that does not turn down anyone in need that cries out for help no matter what their socioeconomic level or as a persons a religious concept that we are loved no matter what from a loving GOD. Im trying to practice merciful love to everyone i meet. Sometimes its harder than others, but this is the way back from our lost humanity. Everyone matters, a kind hand to lift us up..think aboutit..if we helped others instead of being divisive..dream for a moment what we could do!

I dream.

A huge departure of the binds and chains of the old perception of church judgement, and almost a futile attempt since man isnt perfect.

Now some of u will grumble about the ideas of sex, birthcontrol..but back to the doctorine of merciful love, preserving the person, sex in a loving bond traditionally spelled out in the church is a magical thing . (did u know the Pope wrote a lot on the subject in his younger years as a polish cardinal--they were brilliant) at least this concept is consistant if u agree with it or not.

Now for us kinksters on AdultFriendFinder this isnt our route at this time. But its always there because, ive learned u never know...but i do know, im loved and for me to say that with the years of self hate , personal sufferings with health problems, ive been blessed with this perspective..ive come a long way.

I wish u all peace, and unconditional merciful love

CuntSlurpa 47M
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4/5/2005 6:26 am

Good for you! May you also be blessed with peace and unconditional merciful love.

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