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10/31/2005 2:44 pm

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Well, after recounting how I met Lorna in my previous posting, A funny thing happened, I'm happy to say that our next meetin was everything I hoped it would be.

We met up at one of the local pubs that are frequented by us student types for a few drinks and a chat and it was pretty obvious to both of us the direction things were going to go in. For my own part, I must confess that my excitement had been growing ever since we'd agreed to meet up (helped in part by a series of exchanged text messages between us that had become increasingly desciptive as the appointed meeting time approached).

A bottle of wine shared and we left the pub to go back to my place (only because it was closer). We hadn't gone very far before we'd ducked into a side lane to have a very passionate snog. To say I was extremely turned on by the time we got to my flat was an understatement. My sexy lacy knickers were soaking when I took them off. Lorna didn't have that problem, as it turned out, she wsn't wearing any.

We each took it in turns to give the other a massage, teasing each other with our hands as we rubbed my scented massage oils into each other.

In the soft light of the scented candles that I had lighting my bedroom, I couldn't wait to taste her as she lay naked on my bed waiting for my touch.

We made love for what seemed like an eterity, both of us cumming on several occasions. Afterwards, we took a shower together (it's amazing the fun you can have with a sponge and some shower crème ). Then after the shower, we had some more wine then made love again.

Turns out, I'm only the third girl she's ever been with. We're definately going to meet up again and maybe we'll put on a little show on my webcam for you to watch. Lorna is also quite keen to give her b/f a little treat for his birthday that is coming up soon where he'll get to watch us. I'm really looking forward to that and Ben is looking forward to hearing about it and, if he's lucky, we might do the same for him too (although I don't think he'd be too happy if we made him wait until his birthday as it's not until next July ).

Choozmi 51M

11/1/2005 12:51 am

So is the very pretty picture up there of you or your friend Lorna?

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