Afternoon delight  

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6/4/2006 3:36 pm

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Afternoon delight

The easy mellowness was now seeping into my relaxed body. He had been playing with my bare breasts as we watched the movie and was worked up in his breathing and had a rock hard cock to match.

As I lay down on the welcoming mattress he roughly pulled my pants down and softly kissed my pussy lips...gently parting my pink folds of flesh he began to lick and swirl in expert fashion. His breath was warm and his tongue was warmer as I widened my legs exposing my naked shaved cunt to his eager mouth. He kisses me...really kisses me, beautifully long luxurious kisses which makes me slippery for more. Reaching up for my stiff nipples, they are gently massaged and tweaked, bringing them to attention, as aroused as they could possibly be. My body was aching with arousal...begging to be fucked but there so much left to go!!

Tongue fucking me...deeper with each push...lapping at my swollen pussy now red with desire and slippery with anticipation i was so close to exploding with orgasmic tits were so ready to be sucked some more my swollen clit wanted more...he knew it!! His strong arms were placed at the ready placing his throbbing member squarely on my eager cunt...I was screaming inside "FUCK ME!!!" the desire in my eyes was clear and he shoved his cock deep in my the hilt and roughly...thank fuck!!! The intensity of our sexes was almost too much bear and we began to grind and kiss deeply, our hunger has only been satisfied by a tiny morsel...I was ravenous!!! He spread my legs wide and gazed at our organs with pure delight watching the cream of my arousal cling to him. He placed both my legs over one shoulder and gripped my hips as he reached for my breasts to tease my horniness further still....FUCK!!!

Rocking back and forth with great pressure...I wanted deeper and he wanted deeper passionate can our sex get?? The slow rocking began to intensify and the slippery grinding began to emit sexual sounds of wetness...further encouraging us to fuck harder!! I was close so close..and his cock grew some more in preparation of his orgasm, as my pussy began to grip his dick, my grip strengthened on his ass and he fucked me deeper and my orgasm gripped him and forced him to blow deep inside my throbbing cunt.

Basking in our afterglow we slipped into an afternoon siesta only to be abruptly dragged into awake by a phone ringing...still dazed he took the call then flopped back on the bed and gazing at my nakedness we grinned and began to play again...several sex toys and another orgasm washed over my body and I blissfully kissed my man and melted into his arms....what great way to spend sunday afternoon...

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6/4/2006 6:41 pm

Mill's & Boon move over there is a new writer in town.

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