Sleepin Softly.....  

BadlitleGoodGirl 34F
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3/23/2006 7:57 am

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9/5/2006 2:48 am

Sleepin Softly.....

Sleeping softly someone comes into my room. I feel a hand against my face. Gently brushing my soft cheek. Fingers slowly trace my full partly open lips. Feel the blankets being lifted off of my naked body. Feeling the cool air of my room touch my ample breasts my nipples harden at the cool air. A hand and tongue massaging my breasts in turn. Soft at first, I let out a soft moan feeling a little pressure then a sharp pain on my nipples.
I'm awake now but the room is to dark to see anything. My eyes mighty be open but I feel like I've been blindfolded. Someone grabs my hands and hand cuffs me down. Then pull the rest of the covers off me, exposing my shaved pussy which is wet and swollen.
They grab my ankles and cuffs them. Now imprisoned on my own bed I ask, "Who are you what you want". No answer. They start to play with my clit with their fingers. Then they slide an ice cube into my warm pussy. It sends shivers through my body.
I feel something on my stomach, a cock, hard, long, and thick. Feeling some thing wet on my tummy, they're cumin on it. I hear a groan in pleasure.
I then feel something at my pussy lips. All of a sudden something is pushed in my pussy really fast and hard. I cry out. My face is slapped. I hear a whisper, "Keep Quite. Or I'll beat you." I lay there in shock. He then continues to use me. Hard and fast he fucks me. He cums in me deep.
He undoes one of my leg cuffs and attaches it to where my other leg is attached, switches my legs then does it to my hands. I try to fight him off but another pair of hands grab me. When I'm cuffed back up I try to scream and as if they knew I would a gag is forced in my mouth.
I feel another hard cock against my ass, as someone slips under me. Cold liquid is put on my ass hole slowly a finger is inserted, then another and another. Then more lube is applied, once he has done that he pushed the rest of his hand in.
It feels like its taken hours. He then makes a fist in my ass hole and starts fucking me hard and fast. I try to scream out in pain but can't. He slides his hand out and puts more lube on my hole.
The guy under me slides his big cock in my pussy. Then the guy behind slides his cock in. As they fuck me hard like I'm a little slut.
I feel something against my face. Someone is removing the gag and says "I'll take this off, but you have to promise to be quite and deep throat." I nod yes.
The gag is removed but not for long and is replaced by a hard cock. He grabs the back of my head and shoves himself deep into my mouth and continues till he's all the way in down my throat.
He then slides it in and out slowly at first. Picking up speed fucking my mouth. I start gagging but he keeps it up. The other guys still fucking me hard and fast.
Its starting to get light out. They realize it and they start fucking me harder and faster till all of a sudden I hear three loud groans. I feel their cum in my pussy, my ass, my mouth and throat.
I hear one other person. They walk up to my face. I can see an outline of them. She comes up to my face. She grabs my face and pulls it into her wet pussy. I'm forced to lick her out.
After about 5 minutes of my licking and sucking her sweet pussy, I hear her cum in pleasure and feel her squirt all over my face. She hold my face in her pussy till I licked her dry.
Then I hear one of the guys say, "It's time to leave." She kisses me deeply. Then I'm set free, they disappear into the early morning.

The End

Can't wait to do this

citizen4722 60M  
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3/24/2006 7:49 am

Fantastic story...if i was one of those Guy's then i'd be the one cumming in your mouth, down your throat & on your face. But not before i pee there first while the ice cube is in your pussy, you would get a warm & cold feeling in an instant.

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