Morning after..... The End! Or is it?  

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Morning after..... The End! Or is it?

We where on the balcony over looking the gorge. Actually I'm standing behind him. I start to kiss his back and run my hands over his stomach. I feel his muscles tighten under my touch. He says something that I didn't quite catch, I ask him what he said. He starts to turn around but I stop him and tell him to close his eyes and then he can. So he closes his eyes and turns around and says, "I know we should wait till we're married but I have been wanting to see you and touch you and taste you for so long I don't think I can take anymore."

I think back to all the times I'd worn my short skirts and tiny top and think that I was driving him to distraction. I made me feel..., well it was deffinantely a ego boost. I looked up at him and said, "Open your eyes, darling." He did and the look of love was overwhelming. He pulled me close and hugged me and kissed me till my knees gave out. He lifted me into his arms, and carried me to the bed.

He put me down and just stood there looking at my almost naked body in AWE. I looked up to him and smiled and he knew what I ment. He slowly took off his shirt, his undershirt(wife beaters as they're know as in canada), he started unding his belt and I shook my head NO. He looked at me confused. I got on my knees and crawled to the edge of the bed, I looked up at him as I undid his belt and then the top button, slid the zipper down, letting his pants fall to the ground. He was already hard and I hadn't even touched him in any sort of sexual way.

"I love you", I said, and he looked at me and kissed me and laid me out on the bed and I could feel his weight on me but I was not scarey as I thought it might be and I could feel his manhood hard and rubbing against my legs. I moaned and his member touched my aching lips still covered by the thin material of the thong I had on.

His chest was so strong and broad, feeling it press against mine it made feel so feminin and soft. He continued to kiss me as his hands wandered, I felt them slide down in my legs then up to my bum. I held it so firmly but gently as if it was a fragile piece of blown glass. His other hand found its way to my breast, caressing it, massaging it, his tongue aslo found its way there, licking the hard nipples, nibbling on them, I was getting very excited.

He pushed him off, I wanted him naked and I wanted to do a bit of a strip tease for him. So he go up and his boxers came right off. There he was in all his GREEK GOD GLORY, and all I could do was just look at it and then slowly I looked up at him. I got him to lay on the bed, as he did I started to strip for him (used the hotels chair), I teased him and danced around and on the chair, undoing a few pee-ka-boo ribbons everytime. I was driving him mad.

I only had the thong left to take off, I was facing away from him and he came up from behind and pulled me to the bed where I was trapped(in a good way) under him, his hand gently stroked my wet pussy through the thin matterial that still cover it. He kissed my neck down to my breasts, kissed down my tummy, licking me ever so often to change it up, making his way to my wet pussy, he licked my clit through the material and I moaned in pleasure. He slowly plead the thong off of me exposing my naked pussy and he licked my clit and sucked on it, making me MOAN and MOAN. I was cumming for him already and he could tell and he buried his head in my pussy and licked me till I couldn't cum anymore.

I wanted to return the pleasure he had just given me but he wouldn't. He said "Ladies first." That was it and he continued to tease and please me. He made me cum hard, he played, with me all over he slid his strong fingures into me and found my G spot and made me scream in pleasure when I cam for him again. WHen he knew I had had enough he wisper "Would you like some wine or a shower?" I looked at him exausted and said ,"Shower".

He actually carried me to the shower, turned it on, and got us both in it. He washed me down, scrubbing all the places I couldn't reach and I him. We kissed and teased each other some more. He was still rock hard. I knelt down in fornt of him and sucked and licked and rubbed him he loved it and he cum all over me. Thank Goodness we were in the shower.

He washed me off again and then pushed me up against the wall and slid his already hard cock in me and made love to me in the shower. Sliding himself in and out of my tender but wanton pussy. Filling me so much, taking what was now his and making it our. I came for him over and over and over again. He at last came and I could feel him filling me with his cum, I could feel his cock spurting his cum deep in me.

God I loved him. Feeling him deep in me. Cumming in me. It felt so right. And me cumming for him. He was amazing, a lover of extra perportions. And he would not let me please him yet, he still said that he wasn't finished with me.....

To be con't

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