Morning after....  

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9/8/2006 2:32 am

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Morning after....

Here is one for you girls.

I'm sitting at my desk and this totally gorgeous guy walks in (Enter your desicription of your dream guy I'll write mine for you). He's about 6'2"-6'4" tall, clean shaven well maybe a 5 o'clock shadow, sandy blonde/light brown hair, crystal blue/steel blue eyes, arms that could crush you but would never dare hurt you, stomach and chest that never quits muscular/defined but still cuddly, legs, and ass like a greek god and hung like one too.

Anyways back to the story, he comes into this all womens gym I work at around lunch hour, the women working out all stop what their doing and just watch him. He is that captivating. He walks up to me and asks, "Do you have a job opening?". Oh God he wants to work here, I open my mouth to answer but nothing comes out not even a squeak. I choke a bit, he asks me if I'm okay. I nod my head like an idot. I finally compose myself and ask him in a high pitched whine almost, "Do you have a CV(Resume)and referances and we can book an interview for you, when is go for you?"

After we get that all sorted out he asks me if I'm okay again I nod yes and blush a deep red. By now the ladies have returned to doing what they were. Giving me knowing looks that I think he's well a greek god. He leaves and all the women are all giggles and chattering about my reaction to him. I take it like a good sport and say "Like he'd be interested in little old plain me".

The next day he comes in for the interview with my managaer and she's taken back but his looks as well, but she finishes the interview and he flies through the questions with ease as if hes read all the books out there and he answers all the trick questions correctly too, so he gets hired. Just before he leaves he takes me aside and asks, "I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a drink, my treat." Well I'm speachless yet again and just nod yes in shoke. He looks at he and of course asks me if I'm okay I nod yet again yes. He's off and I'm weak in the knees. I wait till he's out of sight and I actually faint. The manager see me go down and runs over to me.

I come to and everyone looks at me and asks me if I'm okay and I say in a weak voice "Yes I'm fine!" (FINE- Frantic, Insecure, Nurotic, Emotional). I'm fine, freaking out cause gorgeous guy asked me out I have nothing to wear and I look like frump lady LOL I know I do have my days too. And yet he still asked me out. I'm confused. The manager sends me home with one of the members how gives me a lift cause I'm in no state to ride the bus with weak knees and fainting spells.

I get home, my housemate that works with me brings me in the house(manager called to let her know what happened). She sits me down gets me a glass of water and looks me in the eyes and say, "Snap OUT OF IT! You have a date and you have to get ready no go shower and I'll cook you something to eat. Now GO!".

I go up stairs, get naked, get in the shower and start showering. Washing my hair, rinsing it, conditioner, shave my legs, arm pits and rinse off all over. I get out of the shower, dry off. I get to my room and pull out the wax strips and wax my pussy smooth(very painful). Get dressed in my cutest thong and bra, my cumfy jean(hip hugging and low cut too) and my cute red tank top that shows more than it should.

I head down stairs and walk in the kitchen. Housemate sits me down and give me a bowl of something. I start to eat it and then ask her what it is. She replys, "It's good for you, will give you energy and help to stop fainting." I finish it and she tell me to go up stairs and put on my jean mini skirt, slinky black top and knee high leather boots(I call them my hooker heals) and to come back down and she'll do my hair and make-up so that it'll be perfect.

I'm ready and waiting for gorgeous guy to pick me up. He shows up 10 minutes early weird, eh. He comes to the door, knocks, my housemate gets the door and lets him in the living room. She says she'll get me. I come in the room and he's speachless. I'm wearing my hair half up and half down, wearing my mini skirt with my knee high hooker heals, and my cute black top, and a bit of make-up that would make any man look twice.

He walks me out to his car(mini cooper my fav), he opens the door and lets me get in and closes it for me. He gets in and looks over at me. " You look absolutely beautiful, how did I get so lucky?" I'm taken back and blush a deep red. He starts the car. And we go up to Clifton area and he pulls up to one of the hotels over looking the gorge.

We walk in and he tell the bell hop something and he shows us into to the deck over looking the gorge, there are candles everywhere and only one table in the middle of the deck, a champange bucket next to the table. God roses red, white and pink, everywhere I look all done up. I look at him and ask him, "Whats going on? What do you think....." He leans over and kisses me wraps his arms around me lifting me up in his arms my arms go round his neck and I start to kiss him back.

He puts me down and looks at me. "I've been running into you and seeing you everywhere I go. We bump into each other but you never look up and if you do its a quick glance of those beautiful brown eyes and then back to your feet. It as if you don't think your good enough. But you are. So I figured the only way to get your attention was to come into your work, apply for the job. I was the one to send those flowers on your birthday the dozen red roses and the one white one, with the card 'You are one of a kind', I love you. The way you laugh, talk, walk, and yes even the way you dance. Thats why you think you had a stocker, but I'm not. I'm an admirerer in love with the girl of my dreams and I know you love me even though you don't want to say it. Will you marry me?"

I'm deffinately taken back. I faint in his arms. He lifts me up like I'm a toy doll and places me in the chair at the table. He lifts a glass of water to my lips so I can drink some water. I come to and look at him and all I see is love in his eyes. I open my mouth to say Yes but nothing comes out again. So I nod and he kisses me and it takes my breath away.

To Be Con't

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9/8/2006 3:50 am

Definatly need to hear where this is heading...Waiting in anticipation

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