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9/12/2006 9:19 am

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Another Blog An...

Hey All hope you all are enjoying my writings. I do try to make the stories as good as I can and sometimes I do actually write about incounters I have. Well I was asked not to write about the one this weekend but I just can't help myself.

I meet this nice guy on here. We chatted for a few days and I told him that I've never been round the whole of Bristol where I live. So he offered to give me a guided tour, I really did appearciate it.

He was the complete gentleman. He picked me up from work, paid for dinner, open doors, drove like a professional, and was very knowledgeable about Bristol, I can't remember all he told me I wish I could. We drove through the country side, saw the Severn Bridge, and walked across the Suspension bridge. It was a great evening and even romantic, to bad he didn't grab my hand.

We talked a lot and he was so sexy the way he would pronounce words, it made me giggle. (If your reading this that why I was giggling most of the time). I really had a great time.

He did drive me round to his and its a really nice place(under DIY at the moment) but still nice He even showed me his Samouri Swords (They were beautiful). I got to see his newly landscaped backyard(Great job) and met his pet Rat (I loved it). We did eventually get up stairs. 3 bedrooms and bathroom as well upstairs.

His bedroom was huge he showed me some of his collectables and we listened to some of his music collection and by this point I couldn't keep my hands to myself anymore. So I kissed him!

He said, "Stop your going to make me hornyer". I was on the rag but still wanted to tease and please him. He kept saying stop cause we can't. But I was a very naughty girl I teased him till he couldn't say NO anymore.

He played with the girls, licking them kissing them nibbling on them(This drives me wild). I was stroking him through his trousers. I took off my shirt and he popped my bra off with one hand(This man has talent). We kept kissing and teasing each other, till he tossed me to the bed. He crawlled on top but I flipped him so I was in control.

I continued to tease him by licking and kissing and nibbling all over his chest, stomach, his nipples, belly button, his waist(still had his trousers on). I licked under the waist band and that really made him groan. I did releave some of the teasing when I took off his trousers but left the boxers.(Love a man in Boxers)

I also took off my trousers and left the knickers where they were. I rubbed him with my aching pussy. Wishing I could have had him in my pussy, taking me, God but I kept it up.

I had mentioned something about being tied up so he grabbed the tie next to the bed and gave me a demostarion of being tied up. I was still on top but my hands tie up made things more fun. I teased him by dragging my hair over his chest, and kissing him and licking him. It was all about him that night.

He untied me and I rested on top of him and asked him if he wanted to have some more fun. He said how, I suggested a little rear entry, but he said he wanted me to say how I wanted him to take me. So I did. I wispered in his ear, "I want you to fuck me in the ass like you've never done before!".

So he did. He came round behind me and took me. I hurt but I loved it. Feeling him in me was amazing, sliding in and out and harder and harder, God he made me cum so hard, he was rubbing my G spot and didn't even know it but boy does he know how to use his tool .

He finished us both off, laying next to each other hot and sweaty. I felt as if I could fall asleep right there and then with him. But I had to get up a work in the morning. So we got up, got dressed and he drove me home.

We pulled up to the house and his kiss was so gentle and addictive, I wanted more. We said good night. I walked upto the house and let myself in as he drove away. I got a very nice testimonial from him, but no other contact. I guess another one nighter It was so amazing I was hoping for more, but if its not ment to be its not ment to be.

That ladies and gents was my sunday evening.

Up4anything6938 55M

9/13/2006 4:12 am

Wow - lucky boy being with such an attractive and broadminded lady!

rm_maccabristol 35M
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9/13/2006 1:30 pm

Well have to give it to her, she is good at writing !

Glad you had a good weekend anyway B

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