As Promised - Naughty Nurse in Nylon  

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As Promised - Naughty Nurse in Nylon

Naughty Nurse in Nylon

It was the day of my 4-times-a-year appointment with my allergist and I was really not in much of the mood to go. Typically when I go I am stuck waiting in the waiting area for at least 15-20 minutes, taken back by a nurse, have my BP checked, run through with the usual medications list, asked how I am doing and then have my breathing checked with a peak flow meter. And then the long wait begins, typically at least another 30 minutes to closer to an hour before I see my allergist for about 15 minutes. Then as the last thing of the appointment I’m given another breathing test and a bag of samples of the meds I take to sort of help deflate the high cost of them and sent on my way after about 1½ to 2 hours.

I was hopeful that today would be different. I was tired and really kind of edgy and didn’t feel like sitting in a waiting area for long, nor sitting in one of those exam rooms either. Sure I had all my clothes on and it could have been worse, but when you make an appointment for 4:15pm you sort of expect you’ll be in the door around 4-ish and not have to wait almost an hour or more before seeing the doctor.

So at a little before 4pm I took off from work and drove to my doctor’s office on the 5th floor with the idea that I’d be there a while. After fighting the high winds that had appeared out of nowhere and the typical crazy drivers on the highway I arrived at the building with about 4 minutes to spare. The elevator was waiting right there, but still managed to take about a minute to get to the top floor. I walked in the office and the place was all but deserted. Only one patient, a rather vocal blonde on a cellphone, was waiting to have her allergy shot. I remember thinking, “Wow maybe I have a chance to get moving quick!”

Well I was wrong. It took the receptionist about 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork and give me a receipt for my cheque that I’d had pre-written for my co-payment. I already had a feeling things were going to be bad if it took almost 5 minutes just to get in the doorway!

Oh how wrong I was. No sooner did I sit down than I heard my name being called from around the corner. I looked up but didn’t see anyone there, so I guessed she must have been just around the corner waiting on me. When I got up and reached the doorway I was nearly run over by the woman that had indeed called me. And once I took a look at her you could have knocked me over with a feather!

I followed this incredible vision back to the exam room and walked in, but only after she’d told me to go in because I was so transfixed on the view from behind as we walked the 20 or 25 feet down the hallway to the first exam room. I was awestruck to say the least watching her adorably sexy butt sway side-to-side in a black skirt that struck just below the knee. But it was watching her legs encased in gorgeous jet-black hose that had my hypnotised and unable to do or think for myself. All I did was follow like a dog on a leash!

Once inside she introduced herself, “I’m Laurette and I’m going to be taking care of you before Dr. Richards comes in.” All I could do was look at those gorgeous curvy calves encased in sexy black at first until I looked up and saw that not only were the legs incredible but the face was that of an angel! She had short, semi-spiked hair that was a dark brown with blonde frosting at the tips and these very beautiful greyish eyes. All I could do was stand there and look at her while she talked, not even being coherent about what she was saying.

”Kyle you can sit you know,” she said moving just a bit closer as if to try and snap me out of the spell she’d placed on me. Startled a bit I sat down across from her and just looked at her, still transfixed on her incredible beauty ... especially those legs! She sat down then and crossed them in front of me, showing even more leg now with just the slightest hint of her knee. But it was the way the skirt draped across her thighs that revealed some very sexy outer thigh area. My God ... what a beauty!

She rolled the chair up close and now I was within an arms length of this incredible vision, so my attention went down to her beautiful ankles and feet that were in very simple yet sexy black low heeled shoes. I remember thinking, “God I wish I had a camera right now. No one will believe how incredible her legs are and the fact she’s wearing hosiery in this day and age!” And was she wearing! From close up now I could tell that her hose were not your average cheap store brand variety. These looked to be, at the very least, a majour name brand of pantyhose by the way the weave was so close together and so perfectly made. My hands just wanted to reach out and touch them, but I knew I’d get into so much trouble doing so! But the slight shimmer to them kept me wanting to and it was a control issue I had to wrestle with.

First she checked my blood pressure with one of those new wrist devices. All I could do was look down at her legs and then back up again to make eye contact. Funny thing is, I barely even noticed that she had an average amount of cleavage and the prettiest neckline area too with a bright gold neck chain around her neck and a simple heart pendant hanging from it. I know, most guys would stare at the cleavage but I was looking at the curves ... those long 5’7” curves! Yes, she was a rather tall gal and perfectly proportioned too.

”Wow, you’re a bit high. 149 over 84.” Without thinking I opened my mouth ... and inserted my foot.

”Well is it any wonder my BPs is up?” She just sort of looked at me a bit puzzled. “Come again?” she asked. That’s when I knew I was caught in a catch-22. If I tell her about her beauty and those legs I’d probably never see them the rest of the day as she’d get embarrassed or tell me about the big rock on her left hand that was reminding me already that she was married. Or did I just say it and hope for the best; that she would accept the compliment graciously and flirt back.

I took the coward’s way out. “I mean that I just got off work and drove here across I-75 and I-475.” She just sort of smiled this devilish little grin and said, “Oh yes I guess I know what you mean.” Whew. I dodged that bullet! Then I pulled out my medications list and handed it to her and she wrote everything down into my chart. This gave me ample time to look her up one side and down the other and stare without regret at those beautiful legs of hers. I just kept thinking to myself about how I wished I was the lucky guy that gold band belonged to and how I prayed those legs were coming home to me each night so I could help her undress and ... well ... you know the rest. What a heaven that would be to have those legs wrapped around you each and every single night after work and be making bedsprings beg for a vacation!

After Laurette had gotten done with the list we turned to the routine questions of my health, how often I’d used a rescue inhaler, if I was suffering anything at the moment. Again my tongue betrayed me and I opened my big trap and said, “Only feeling a little hot right now.”

There wasn’t much I could do to pull that one back so I just sort of made the most of it by removing my coat in the hopes that this would “cool” things down just a bit for the heat I was feeling from being so stupid and outwardly flirtatious. She just smiled and turned around to the table behind her, reached into a drawer and pulled out the peak flow meter. “Okay, you know the drill,” she said. “Big breath in and blow it out fast. Do it three times for me.”

I stopped myself before my brain decided to launch another bomb down to my mouth about “drill” and what I would like to drill alright. The first one registered 710. “That’s very good!” she exclaimed. Next one was 690. “Hmmm, you’re not giving me your best. Try once more.” Last one came up to 730. “That’s better. I knew you were a lot healthier than that last one.”

Again I refrained from any stupid or dirty comments about how healthy I was and how I’d love to make her glow healthy too. I just sat back down and put my eyes back on those gorgeous legs. “Okay well that’s about it until after Dr. Richards is done. Then you can come out and blow for me and I’ll give you an injection.” Oh my gawd I almost lost it on those! It was all I could do not to twist it back around and say something crude like “I’d rather you blow me and I give you the injection.” But I could feel my cheeks blow up bright red at the thought and I do think Laurette saw it too as she was leaving because I caught a little wink of an eye from her as she slowly pulled her leg from my view as she was closing the door behind her.

Did she know I was practically undressing her legs with my eyes? Did she know I was in total lust over those curvy stems encased in beautiful jet-black heaven? Or did she catch the double meaning behind my earlier slips? I didn’t have too much time to dwell on it as Dr. Richards came right in with an intern in tow. Rather than bore you with the details let’s just say that after 10 minutes of a stethoscope around my chest and back, a look inside my nose, ears and mouth and a check of the pressure sensitivity of my sinus passages I was cleared to head out to the other area and see Laurette again.

As I walked out she was up on a high stool at the other breathing machine just getting it ready for my arrival. Her legs were perfectly crossed, right over left, and an ample amount of thigh was showing as I walked up just barely able to keep from tripping over my own tongue at the sight of those creamy thighs too!

”You’re just in time. I’m all ready or you.” Again, I let it slip without thinking and without stopping either. “I just bet you are.” This time I was turning about 4 shades of red as I realized just how that sounded. But Laurette seemed to know what it meant too as she winked back at me and handed me the breathing tube to blow into.

”Okay just hold it steady and let me zero it out, then breathe in as long and as hard as you can. And before you remove your lips, suck all the wind back into your lungs.”

Now this was usually the test I had issues with, and knew that if I didn’t do well I’d be hearing from Dr. Richards about it. So I had to thin of something, not only to help me concentrate on the breathing but to still show how aroused and interested I was in lovely Laurette’s long legs! That’s when my wicked brain got an idea.

”I’ll pretend I’m trying to blow that skirt just a bit more so that it’ll open up an show me a LOT of those sexy thighs and maybe that will help me concentrate more,” I thought to myself. So I tried it. I looked right at her legs and the hem of her skirt and pictured in my mind trying to “blow” as hard as I could to move it so I could see her thighs. And wouldn’t you know, the first time it worked perfectly.

”That’s the best one you’ve ever done according to the machine,” she exclaimed. Well now I’d found my motivation, as silly as it was. The second was not as good as the first, but still better than ever before. And the third was just as good as the second. “I’m impressed,” Laurette told me. “You’ve really gotten much better according to the charts.” But it was the way she said it and the little tap on the aide of the arm that got me as she walked past me towards the refrigerator where the serums were stored to keep them cold.

”Okay, time for that flu injection I promised. Where do you want it?” ‘Shut up Kyle’ I thought to myself and began to roll up my left shirtsleeve. I could just hear my own brain thinking something dirty so I stopped it quickly. “Hmmm, your arm muscle there is too big to roll it up high enough. Mind taking your shirt off on just that side? I need to get this up onto your deltoid almost.” Again I was doing my best to control my naughty little mind and thinking how right now I wish I was removing HER blouse instead to get to those ample little breasts and to run my hands up and down those long legs as I suckled at her chest.

Yes, as this visit got further and further along my mind was going into total lust mode and all I could think about was how I wanted Laurette ... somehow ... some way! But I had to settle for her giving me the flu vaccine instead of getting to see her strip a bit for me. “That’s it. Just let me put a bandage on there in case you bleed and you’re all done!”

I thanked her and she remarked back, “Oh you’re very welcome,” and then shut down the computer terminal she was using for running the breathing program as I went back to the exam room to get my coat and soda can. As I was walking out one of the other nurses stopped me for a moment and said goodbye to me and asked if I’d heard from Anne, the former nurse from there who I used to get allergy shots from regularly. I said no I had not but that when I did I’d tell her that she was asking about her.

And with that I headed for the front area and ran into Laurette again, who was now carrying her coat and a large backpack of sorts and having some issues trying to get her purse too. I reached down and took the backpack, which was obviously heavy, from her and said, “I’m headed out too. Let me carry that for you?”

She looked up and said, “Awww, what a sweet gentleman. Sure. And thank you kind sir!” But it was again the wink that caught my eye as she finished. What was up with that winking?

Laurette grabbed her purse and said goodnight to the others and made a comment on the way that she was being “escorted by a handsome knight” or something like that as I moved towards the front door to open it for her. And with that we began to walk down the hallway towards the elevator.

”Thanks for carrying that. I didn’t want to put my coat on since it was so nice out and that sort of left me with one item too many for my arms. It’s so sweet of you to help.”

”It was nothing really. You looked like you could use a hand.”

”Actually I could use more than a hand ... if ... you’re willing.” I didn’t know what to say or what to make of her comment so I answered back “sure” and kept on walking with her a bit more until we reached the elevator. I reached over and hit the button to bring it up from the lobby level and was almost blindsided as Laurette leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

”So you like my legs that much, huh? What would you do for me to see more?” she said as she slowly pulled up her skirt a bit more, showing me her complete knee this time. My eyes were completely focused on her legs now and all I could think of was the words ... “anything!”

”Then come out to my car with me. Ride with me over to my place and I’ll show you more.” I stopped or a moment and started to say something when she leaned in and kissed me square on the lips. “Not a word. I know you are and you know I am. But dammit I need something so much and you’re the only person right now that can give it to me. I need to feel like a beautiful, sexy and wanted woman! You do want me, don’t you?”

She moved in closer and brushed her hand across the crotch of my black jeans. “This has been saying yes. Your eyes have been saying yes. Now you say it.”

I don’t know what came over me but without even a thought I pulled her right against me, returned the deep passionate kiss from earlier and grabbed onto her butt with a firm but gentle pinch and said, “Yes.” Just then the elevator arrived. Laurette bent over and grabbed her purse while I scooped up her coat and backpack and tossed them carefully into the car and held the door for her. She came in and pressed right up against me. As the doors closed we were in full liplock with her hands feeling me all over and mine firmly gripped onto the back of her skirt slowly bringing it up higher and higher until I felt her pantyhose. A moan echoed from my lips to hers as I felt them and even she gasped a bit. The bell sounded for the 3rd floor and we still kept at it. My hand was now firmly on her hose-covered cheek and I squeezed it just a bit again as her right caressed my very swollen cock and balls through my jeans.

The bell sounded for the 2nd floor. We pulled apart and she just looked at me before leaning down to grab at her coat. “Fuck I want you Kyle.” I reached down too and grabbed the coat ahead of her and helped her on with it as the door opened. She reached down and took her purse, scrambling for her car keys while I grabbed her backpack and was walking right beside her. We tried not to make any motions that would tip off the security cameras as to what had happened inside or what was about to happen, but we kept whispering back and forth to one another.

”Do you really want me that much Kyle?”

”Yes Laurette I want you like I can’t remember wanting a woman in a long time.”

”Do you really find me sexy?”

”Beyond sexy. You’re a vision ... a Goddess. I just want to inhale you and become a part of you.”

”Kyle I don’t ... I mean ... I’ve never done this. But the way you looked at me was the way I’ve wanted to be eyed by someone for so long.”

”You mean he ...”

”Never. He tells me I am pretty but never looks at me like that. Like you did.”

”You are ... completely ... sultry ... seductive ...”

”Am I a slut for ...”

”No more so than I would be for thinking the same thing while we were alone in the exam room.”

”You wanted to ... right there?”


”Damn! You need to come back the 1st of March then. None of the other office people will be there. come around your usual shot time and knock on the side door.”

”How far until we are at your house, Laurette?”

”I live 6 blocks away.”

We finally got to her car and I took the keys from her, opened the driver’s side door and placed her stuff in the back seat while watching her slide into her seat. “Get in Kyle,” she motioned as she unlocked the passenger side door and closed hers. I ran around to the other side and almost jumped through the door getting in. We quickly kissed one another and each of our hands went to the other’s crotch as we kissed.

”Oh fuck Laurette I want you so badly.”

She smiled and started the car engine. “Me too, baby.” And with that we drove forward out of the parking spot and away from the parking lot down to the drive. We drove down the circle and out to the parkway, turned right and made our way to Central. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “No regrets?”

I turned and smiled back, placing my hand on her thigh that she’d nicely exposed for the drive to her place showing me a lot of sweet silky thigh and hot black nylon. “Not a one.”

”Me either,” she said as she moved the car forward and made a right turn on red. We quickly made our way down the street and about 5 blocks before making a left and down a street. I didn’t even catch what street as I was too busy looking at her and wondering, “Am I doing the right thing? I know this is not right but ... I can’t help it. She’s so damn sexy, so seductive and she really wants what I want, which is so rare!”

Another quick left and a right and we were in her driveway. She pressed on the garage door opener button and then moved the car into the garage. As the door shut she turned the car off and told me to “leave everything” and to just follow her every move. We both scurried like school kids out late on curfew into the house and up the long winding stairs to a balcony that led to her bedroom. She flicked on the light briefly and opened the drapes, but not the sheers, then motioned for me to flick the light back off.

She and I met halfway between the door and window and began to kiss passionately again, this time with clothing being shed here and there. She pulled my shirt off me first and I carefully unbuttoned her silken blouse exposing her soft, supple breasts encased in a very sheer lacy black bra. Her nipples were popping out through the lace practically she was so excited. Then she dropped to her knees and untied my boots. I slipped myself out of my shoes as she moved her hands like a snake up my legs until she reached my belt and flung it across the room, unsnapping my jeans and unzipping them. She planted soft kisses on my stomach as she eyed the fact that I was now vulnerable to her and ready to be completely exposed. She flung my jeans down to my ankles and had me kick them aside as her fingernails traced the edges of my black briefs. I was fully erect and the head was just barely contained within the waistband.

She looked up at me and hesitated for a moment. I leaned down and got onto my knees with her. “Doubts? Fears?” I asked her. She just rubbed my cock and felt it against the palm of her hand. “None. I just wanted to remember this moment when I broke my vows and remember why I was.”

She pushed me backwards and I sort of fell against the edge of the bed. She motioned for me to sit down and then crawled just forward a step or two and took a hold of my underwear and pulled them down slowly watching as my cock exposed itself to her. After she’d removed them to my mid-thigh I sat up just a bit and she pulled them all the way off and flung them across the room. She then wrapped both hands around my cock and looked up at me.

Her eyes were like liquid at this point. The light from the windows glistened on them. She’d not been crying, but they were filled with water as if she’d been wanting this for so long and was now getting it. Her next words echoed what I saw.

”I never thought I could do this. But here you are ... in my bed ... all ready for me to have passionate sex with and all I want to do is be nasty, dirty, and have a real fuck-a-thon of unadulterated lust-filled hedonistic sex. Gawd Kyle ... fuck me ... please ... fuck me!”

Before I could say a word she dropped her mouth completely over my cock and began to suck me like I’d never been taken in my life. I was drowning in passion and lust at the moment and all I could feel was the incredible technique of her tongue and lips on my head and shaft and those long fingernails across my balls and around my inner thigh. She made lots of moaning noises as she took me deeper and finally, for the first time in my life, I felt what it was like to be deep-throated. I nearly burst my load right then as she took me all the way down until her nose reached my trimmed-back fur. She pulled off and then began to lick my shaft down to my balls. “Gawd I’ve never had a man with shaven balls. Fuck I love this! You’re so fucking sexy, Kyle.” My hands had been caressing up & down her back and shoulders this entire time as she was taking me deep within her mouth and throat but then they moved into her medium-length hair in the back. I think she almost thought I’d grab and pull her hair, but instead I used my own fingers and what little nails I had to almost comb through the back of her head. She moaned with such intense delight that it made her suck harder and faster.

Just an our earlier I’d seen this nurse up close and personal taking my blood pressure. And now she was elevating it to heights I could not dare think of as she took my cock and gave me the greatest blowjob I’d ever had in my life. My fingers began to slowly dig a bit into her flesh and she moaned even louder and dug her own fingers into my legs. Between the two of us we were discovering a bit of a pain slut in the other and loving the idea completely.

She let loose my cock from her tight grip for a moment and said, “Cum for me baby. Cum in me. Let me have it all.” I wrapped my legs around the back of her legs and she gobbled me back down deep and hard once again. I was now within mere seconds of exploding, almost as if on command.

”Oooohhhh fuuuuuuckkk yeeeesssssssssss Laurrrrette. Oh baby yes ... Yes .... OH FUCK YEESSSSSSSSSS,” I screamed out as I felt my eruption leave my balls and make its way up my shaft and out through my mushroom head into her waiting mouth. At the same moment the sperm jettisoned itself against the back of her throat I felt Laurette tense up and ejaculate as well from her pussy. My feet were down at her butt area and almost wrapped up and underneath her sweet pussy area and I could feel a bit of an explosive burst of liquid hit my feet as she moaned and screamed a bit into my cock.

She nursed down every last droplet of sperm and then released my cock and leaned back a bit, bringing my feet up and between her legs. “My gawd see what you’ve done! I’ve not sucked cock since I was in college and that was the last time I had such an explosive orgasm! Oh fuck I have to have you again, Kyle!”

I leaned down off the bed and pulled her to her feet, walked her over to the edge of the bed and carefully laid her down. “Oh no. First I feast on this sweetness between your thighs and bring a lot more of that sweet wetness out before we go to that, Laurette.” As I was leading her to the edge of the bed I grabbed onto the zipper of her skirt and pulled it part way down and as I was laying her down I undid it the rest of the way. After telling her how I was going to eat her out I pulled the skirt all the way off and flung it aside too, then pulled her by the ankles towards the edge of the bed and began to kiss and lick at her heels, then I removed them and did the same to her feet.

”Oh gawd fuck yessss ... I love a man that loves me like this. Even HE doesn’t do this shit to me! Oh gawd baby ... worship me ... WORSHIP ME!” I did just that as the feel of nylon against my skin was already causing my cock to reinvigorate itself and come back to a semihard state and I was only up to her calves at the time! Slowly I continued to kiss and lick up her nylon-covered legs until I reached paydirt ... her wet spot had all but taken over the crotch and some of the panty area of her hose and for the first time I realized she had on a pair of emerald green thong panties.

I moved my head in against her thighs and spread her a bit wider. “Fuck don’t tease me you bastard get those hose off me and fuck me!”

”Patience Laurette,” I replied. “If you’re going to have me do this more than once you’ll have to understand one thing ...” Then I leaned my head down and began to lick and suck at the sweet juices all over the cotton panel of her hose and find the weak spot in her panty area. I sunk my teeth in a bit and began to grind a small hole into the panty material of her hose and slowly made it bigger.

”... the pantyhose make me want to fuck you like a wild animal!” I said as I put my face back down, bit into the hole I’d made and pulled the crotch of her hose almost completely off thanks to the wetness of the material. She let out a moan and almost a scream as I did so until she felt my fingers dart into her pussy and pull her thong panties aside. “Next time, leave these at home!”

”Oh gawd you fucking animal! Shit I want you. Oh FUCK I want you inside me NOW, Kyle!”

Again I put my head back down between her thighs and began to lick and suck at her lips. She was grabbing the bed and pulling the spread into balls under her fists and then would sometimes grab at my hair and pull it and moan over and over, “Fuck yesss.... OH FUCK YESSSSS” as I’d lick and play around her sweet labia and move in on her creamy clitoris. Finally I darted my tongue deep between her walls and licked around inside of her before going back to her clit and teasing it a bit. She finally settled on her left hand buried deep into the bedspread and her right grabbing at my hair telling me over and over how good it felt and how much of an animal I was down there.

Finally all my focus was on her clitoris and I swore she was going to yell like she was being she was so overly excited. I began to worry a little bit about neighbours or about someone coming home, but vanquished those thoughts quickly and kept at eating her and delighting her pussy. After two consecutive ‘mild’ orgasms she could take no more and pulled me all the way up to her chest level.

”Trust me, baby?” she asked.

”Yes,” I replied and looked into those eyes from between her breasts that she’d now exposed and had so swollen they were like large ball bearings by now.

”Lie down and dangle your legs over the edge,” Laurette said as rolled out from under me. So I did as she asked and moved around a bit. She got up off the bed, walked over to a closet and grabbed a pillow and some towels ... about 3 or 4 and placed them all around and tucked under my body. Then she climbed onto my chest and straddled me, each of her pantyhose clad legs on either side of me.

”I’ve always wanted to try this and never had a ballsy partner.” With that she slid all the way down and turned around, planting her ass over my face and shoving her sweet twat down onto my lips and began to grind her pussy onto my face. I was smothered in this perfectly shaven snatch that was completely hair free. It felt so sexy next to my own baby-smooth face that I was already standing at complete attention and ready to let loose another barrage of baby-makers.

For someone that had never ridden a face before she sure knew what to do, or so I thought since I’d also never tasted this wicked delight in my life. She was really beginning to get off on this and moaning over and over how she was going to fuck me and fuck me hard. Then she pulled up off me and told me to move around on the bed. She slid the pillows that were under the bedspread out from under there and onto the floor and helped me move the towels and pillows around until she had me very close to the headboard, which was this large elaborate piece of dark wood.

She reached up and grabbed onto it and pulled herself into place on my face and began to fuck my tongue over and over. I, of course, was all too happy to just lie there and feel her fucking my face harder and harder. I kept using my tongue again and again to flick and nail her clit while she rode me and kept grinding her hips harder and harder onto my face. A few times I felt like I might blackout or lose air she was grinding so hard and so long, but then she’d let up for a moment and I’d take another deep breath and go down for more.

Finally after five minutes she was literally screaming my name over and over telling me how she’s “almost” ready. “Gawd I love this. OH FUCK I love this. Oh FUCK KYLE I’M ALMOST ... ALMOST ... OH FUCK YES ... YES ... FUCK YESSSS ... OH GAWD DAMN I LOVE THIS ... OOOHHHH ... OOOHHHHH ... OOOOOOHHHHHH YEEESSSSSS FUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEE YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS DAMMIT YEESSSSSSSSSSSS.”

That’s when I felt it ... only the 3rd woman in my lifetime to ever give me an explosive orgasm ... a squirter. If I had to guess I’d say that 65% of what she released went streaming into my mouth and then out over the sides as I could not swallow fast enough not being prepared for a ‘squirter’ again. The rest just washed over my face and down it like a cum bath given to a cock-sucking woman. I felt so cheap and so dirty ... but I was so fucking horny now that all I could think about was one thing ... I wanted ... no ... NEEDED to fuck Laurette and to fuck her hard.

She continued to grind into me until she’d exhausted all her orgasm and squeezed out ever last bit. That’s when I reached up, grabbed her around the shoulders and tossed her down onto the bed on her back. I sat up, my face covered in her sweet juices and moved my way up to kiss her and share in the sweet delight she’d given me. Her fingernails just dug their way into my ass cheeks as we kissed and she licked herself off my face and out from my eyes. She giggled a bit and reached over, grabbing the edge of a towel and helped wipe my face and eyes off a bit more.

”I’m so sorry honey that has not happened in years but I just thought it might with the way I was so excited when I sucked you off!”

”You can apologize to me by lying there like a good little wench and taking my fucking you little tease.”

She grabbed me and begged me to keep talking dirty and told me she’d not heard such filth in ages and the more I said the more she wanted to just violate the rest of the sex act laws with me. She was so into this dirty talk that she was also chiming in, calling herself a cock whore and wanting to bust my balls with her cunt as we fucked like rabbits. I finally pushed her down the bed a little and moved the rest of the towels that had not gotten too wet underneath her ass and legs and then placed those long sexy stems over my shoulders. One by one I kissed from ankle to knee and then took the other and did the same.

”You have a BAD pantyhose fetish, Mister Kyle. Do you like fucking hot women in hose?”

”No. I just love fucking one nasty and naughty little minx of a nurse who’s wearing sexy black pantyhose like a little harlot and wants and begs me to fill her and fuck her in her marital bed.”

”Oh gawd adulterate me Kyle! Fuck me ... please ... FUCK ME NOW!”

I placed the head up against her nice tight little walls and said, “Laurette I want you ... I need to fuck you ... after I’ve had you I’ll want more! MORE!!”

”Give it to me now and we’ll fuck as often as we can ... at least once a month ... maybe more. Fuck I need this Kyle. I need a wild and passionate fuck of a lover!”

”And I need a little cock tease pantyhose-wearing naughty nurse that will take my temperature with her talented mouth and her hot driving pussy. Fuck I need you Laurette ... I need you bad!”

”Then take me ... fuck me ... oh gawd please FUCK ME Kyle!”

No sooner had she stated her demands than I shoved myself fully into her, all of me up to my balls. She just moaned and hissed as I stretched her wide. “Oh FUCK I knew you were thick but DAMN ... I’ve not had a thick one like that ever!” Her fingernails then dug into my back as she pulled me down towards her and we kissed deeply again. “You’re mine baby ... all mine! I’m gonna have you over to fuck me as often and as long as we can! Promise me ... PROMISE ME ... I get your cock now and often!”

”I promise Laurette. You know what to do. When you want me ... wear your hose and give me that sign you gave me outside the elevator.”

I kept pumping in and out of her as we were talking. Our breathing was becoming so intense we could barely speak but kept trying. “You mean the wink .... or the skirt?”

”What did the wink mean?”

”That I knew you wanted me and that I ... oh fuck .... I wanted you Kyle!”

The next few moments were nothing but heavy breathing and lots of loud and very vocal moans and screams of lust as we fucked. Halfway through we managed to turn over without me pulling out of her and she assumed the female superior position riding me hard and fast. We ended with me wrapping her pantyhose-clad legs around my back and me sitting her down on my lap ... all without losing a stroke ... as I sat on the edge of the bed and held her out away from me dangling over the floor.

”OH GAWD NO ONE’S EVER FUCKED ME LIKE THIS ... OOOOOOHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK ... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH .... OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.” Our screams were so intense we both swore after we were done that there’d be police banging on the door wondering if there was a murder in progress. Each of us exploded like never before, with most of Laurette’s ejaculation just coursing over my legs, my pelvic area and saturating the super-short hairs just above my cock.

After we both had finished pumping one another for the last of our fluids I pulled her up into a tight embrace and we just held one another as I went limp inside her and she finally felt her huge nipples retract to a more normal size, which still looked like most women’s aroused nipples. We kissed one another, cuddled on each other’s neck and just held each other in a tight embrace. Neither of us spoke about our “significant others” in our lives or the fact that we’d just committed adultery for the first and only time in our lives. Selfish? Sure. But there was something between us ... a chemistry that was too hard to deny. Neither of us could restrain the desire and neither of us wanted to.

It had been so long for her to see a man actually lust after her, to look at her and find her attractive enough to make rather blatant passes at, and far too long since she’d been able to share herself in quite the way she did with me. And for me, well it had been way too long since seeing a woman dressed like she was out on the prowl flashing leg (and pantyhose-clad leg no less) and playfully sending me back signals that I barely could comprehend but that obviously some part of me knew were calls for action.

We straightened up the bed, tossing the spread into the washer and then both going into the shower together to wash up. We kissed and washed each other and ended up fucking one more time in there, but this time it was slow and rhythmic like two long-time lovers do when they are feeling so in love. There was no heat, passion or need; at least not the lust-filled kind of hours earlier. This time it was about enjoying each other and remembering what we’d just shared over that hour and a half of sex, the hour of playful flirtation and the 5 minutes of foreplay in the building and the elevator along with the 5 minutes in the car.

When we were done she got dressed into her usual “mom attire” of a jogging outfit and t-shirt, but she handed me her pair of black pantyhose and said, “Keep these as a way to remember what we did here. Smell me and dream of me, Kyle.” So before I got dressed I handed her my black briefs and said the same thing. After all, they were soaked with precum that was caused by all her raunchy foreplay and teasing.

As we walked out to the garage and the car we gave one another one last passionate kiss and swore to never reveal our special Thursday to anyone that could spoil it by going to her spouse or my girlfriend. And then we made a date for March 1st, the first day of a 2-day seminar for the rest of the office staff that she would have to go to the following day. I told her I would be there by 4pm and she said she’d make sure to wear something naughty under her skirt and blouse ... and that she’d wear no panties but the sexiest hose she had.

We drove back to the doctor’s office and she dropped me off. As I got into the car I got a phone call on my cell. It was Laurette.

”Thank you again baby. I can’t wait to have you all to myself in that office. We’ll fuck in every exam room and then I’ll be able to think about you and me in each one of those everytime some kid is screaming in my ear.” I thanked her back and we hung up as I started the car and headed for home.

What was supposed to be a typical 2½ hour doctor visit still was almost that. Between what Laurette and I did at her house and the hour or so spent actually at the building in the doctor’s office I was pretty happy. After all, how many people can say that you spent and hour at a doctor’s office and left almost 2 hours later having felt better?

© 2006 Bad Little Kyle
It’s All Mine ‒ Don’t Bogart It!


Editorial Note: This is a true story that happened Feb 23. Only the name of the doctor has been changed and the street locations altered slightly to protect the woman involved.

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