Oh Well Part One  

BabyfaceLouie 56M
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8/12/2006 3:40 am
Oh Well Part One

I love Peter Green. Y'know from the original Fleeetwood Mac (no, not the crap they became!) and The Bluesbreakers.

Its probably no surprise that my fave songs are the ones that demonstrated his unfortunately deteriorating mental health. Sadly, cos he is a top guitarist and, having met him a few times, a really decent bloke too! I have studied his playing techniques and feel I have learned so much about phrasing and that 'less can be more' that my own guitar playing has matured.

Anyway........I listen to him a lot, especially "Green Manaleshi (With The Two Pronged Crown)". Especially at the moment. Play it a lot myself too cos it's a real emotional song and the final verse has a real resonance for me. The pain is almost palpable.

Just thought I'd share this.

"Now when the day goes to sleep
And the full moon looks
And the night is so black
That the darkness cooks
You come creeping around
Making me do things
I don't want to do

Can't believe that you need
My love so bad
You come sneakin' around
Trying to drive me mad
Bustin' in on my dreams
Making me see things
I don't want to see

Cos your the Green Manaleshi
With a two pronged crown
All my trying is up
All your bringing is down
Just taking my love
Then slipping away
Leavin' me here
Just trying to keep from following you......."

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