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BabydollJolene 36T
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7/16/2006 9:54 pm

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10/30/2006 2:18 am

My my my...

Boise is an interesting place to live. This weekend the club scene was hopping. There were lots of guys checking out my low cut top with my generous cleavage spilling forth. I was sitting with my girlfriends, a bunch of sweet drag queens all gorgeous and fabulous in their own right. Guys just couldn't believe that I am not a genetic woman. I wore my hair in that really cute pig-tail style like you see on porn stars and Playboy Bunnies. I looked like an deliciously over-developed Ellie Mae Clampett, with lush full lips and a short skirt, showing off my oh so long legs.

It was a great weekend and I can really see me getting into this naughty little girl look. Now I need the right Daddy or Teacher to make sure I behave. I need some extra credit.


rm_Mandrake_M 62M

7/24/2006 1:48 am

I'd love to be your Daddy, Babydoll - but for the miles between us.

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