Suit In An Elevator - Part 2  

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Suit In An Elevator - Part 2

Starting the very next day after my first encounter with Suit, I prepared a surprise for him for the next time we met in the elevator and he decided to play. Unfortunately it was now 8 business days since our last encounter. And every fucking time that God damn elevator bell dinged my pussy contracted and dampened; every fucking time to the point that I was starting to get pissed at it. On the 8th day, I stood at the elevator door waiting for it to arrive and started to regret my decision to not masturbate again until I had another encounter with Suit. I made that insane commitment because I wanted to heighten our next encounter even more by increasing my need. I usually jack off every other day or so and come three or four times each (God, I love being a woman). So abstaining for eight days literally killing me. I was starting to look longingly at copy and washing machines, imagining riding them while I fingered my clit. I was starting to get short tempered and soon even people at work would notice. I had finished a very long, annoying day at work. That is why I promised myself a nasty, sweaty self-fucking session when I got home.

Instead when the elevator dinged and the doors opened Suit was there all alone. This time his reaction was more than just smiling eyes. He licked his lips too, slowly, like he was letting me know that he sucked his fingers dry after the last time we met and was hungry for more. As I entered the elevator his stance and posture remained firm and solid. He was letting me know that he was still in charge. His game; his rules. My pussy started to throb and I shifted my weight back and forth, not hiding the fact that I was rubbing myself. Then I turned and stood exactly where I had before, against the back wall just to his right. The doors slid shut and I couldn’t wait for him to discover the surprise I had in store for him; I knew he would love it as much as I would.

The doors slid closed and I held my breath waiting for the feeling of his fingers on my thigh. The bell signaled a passed floor and then we stopped. The doors opened and two people entered, both showing the signs of being overworked and overtired. The doors slide closed again and Suit’s fingers grazed just the hem of my skirt, extra short for his pleasure. His fingers stayed there just rubbing back and forth along the hem, the movement whispering against my skin but making a move toward actual contact. I slowly let out a deep breath and we passed another floor.

His hand moved away from my skirt, completely breaking contact with any part of me and then his hand cupped my entire left butt cheek and squeezed hard. It was sudden and shocking and exhilarating. My ass involuntarily moved against his hand, begging for more. He released my cheek and then gave it a little pat and smoothed my skirt. The elevator car stopped at the next floor and another late-night drone stepped in.

I waited for the next contact and it came as soon as the doors closed. His fingers started to dance up the back of my thigh, barely making contact until he reached the inside. He rested his hand between my thighs before moving further upward. My pussy was clenched tight in anticipation, waiting and waiting for when he would touch me and wondering whether or not he would put a finger (or two ‒ or three) inside of me this time.

His hand started its ascent, a near duplication of our last encounter. But this time I had a surprise for Suit, something that I am certain he was not expecting for a fellow corporate ladder climber. It took way to long for his fingers to reach my rear but eventually he did. First the tips grazed my naked cheeks, so softly that they almost tickled. He stopped, motionless, like he was thinking something over. Then his hand cupped by ass again and his middle finger gently pressed up between my cheeks. He was searching for signs of a thong or g-string. His finger pressed further upward until he found nothing but bare naked flesh. He gently stroked it while the elevator door opened for another floor and another exhausted passenger. My pussy relaxed and a flood of boiling juice started to run down my lips and thighs. But Suit didn’t move toward my pussy, no he stayed playing with my ass. He moved just the tip of finger back and forth like making a “come here” gesture against my heated and almost vibrating skin.

Ding, swoosh of door sliding open, slap of leather against tile then carpeting, another passenger and all I could hear was my only halting breathing and the plaintive screams of my pussy for attention.

I took a deep breath and the doors started to closed and looked up to see we were on the 15th floor already. There was not much time left. I quickly debated with myself: should I stand still and wait to see where Suit goes with this or do I direct him? I knew that answer but it was almost painful to stand there, silently, powerlessly and take only what he was willing to give me.

Suit stroked by ass as we descended another floor like that one finger was saying to me “come here, Baby, and melt for me”. And I was! And as proof I was dripping down my inner thighs, slick and wet and wanting.

At the 12th floor his fingers started their crawl to my pussy. His hand moved so far forward along my pussy that I was tempted to look down and see if I could see his hand against the front of my skirt. He cupped my pussy and squeezed it. My knees almost buckled.

10th floor.

He released his grip on my pussy and slid his hand back keeping tight against my sizzling and over sensitized lips. His fingers pressed and dug into my lips, stroking the wet creamy skin from my clit down. In anticipation, my pussy shuddered against his searing palm and firm finger tips.

7th floor and not many more to go.

Without any warning he slid two soaked flinger in my pussy. First just the tips up to the knuckle and then all the way, his palm practically slapped against my ass. He pulled out and thrust deep again and again. He plunged his fingers into me with such force that just as we stopped at the 5th floor I was pitched forward and had to regain my balance. The doors opened and he removed his fingers. Another corporate drone shuffled in and turned to face the door. The doors swooshed closed and three fingers stabbed into me, with the force of a cock. Suit took them as deep as possible and then spread his fingers out, stretching my pussy walls, just like being penetrated by a thick cock.

Oh, fuck, 4th floor. His fingers pushed just a little further against the walls of my pussy then came back together allowing the muscles to relax slightly before he repeated it. My eyes closed and breathing deepened. The vibrating heat exploded from my clit and spread in every direction overwhelming my entire body. After several orgasmic waves I slowly opened my eyes, only two floors left.

Suit kept his fingers inside of me until the orgasm had completely subsided then he pulled out of me, slipping his hand passed my ass and out from underneath my skirt. I desperately missed his hand and talented fingers I wanted to cry.

I knew soon we would be making the standard march out of the elevator, passed security, out the doors and to our commutes home.

On the ferry home I contemplated that incredible orgasm in the elevator (wondered how I would ever be able to ride in it again without smiling) and the mind blowing masturbation session I had after my first encounter with Suit. I was really looking forward to some alone time.

At the station I walked past the cab stand, I was walking home. I took the more scenic route home, only 13 blocks but enough time to savor the sticky, sweetness between my legs and imagine what I would do when I got myself home.

I walked up the stairs to my building, unlocked the door, grabbed my mail and sorted through it as I walked to my apartment. I opened the door and was promptly greeted by my dog. I said hello to him and then put him outside in the backyard. I stretched and removed my shoes. I walked to my bedroom taking off my suit coat. This time I really wanted to be completely naked. I stood next to the bed and undressed as I stared at my “fun” drawer in the nightstand. Who was I going to play with tonight? Once I was undressed I couldn’t resist cupping my breasts and playing with my nipples. God I was horny and needy.

I opened the drawer and took out one of my favorite toys, the finger vibe, very appropriate considering. Still squeezing one taunt nipple I ran the tip of the vibe around the other until it was a rock hard peak. I switched nipples and repeated until both were like fleshy pyramids ‒ and my pussy was tingling.

I lay down on the bed, first face up and then I got a much better idea and turned over. I put my hand with the finger vibe between my ass cheeks and followed the same blistering path that Suit blazed only 30 minutes before. But this time I could let my body loose, give it the freedom to dance and writhe with the sensations. I let out a deep moan as the vibrator tantalized my cheeks. I moved lower and let it rest just above my ass opening, my ass involuntarily moved up and down and up and down against the bed. I spread my legs further and let my finger and vibe fall to my throbbing lips. Almost as soon as the vibe touched them I started to buck hard as I cam. I rode it out, knowing it wasn’t my last. It ebbed and I dipped the vibe further along my lips in search of my clit. In my head and even my body it was still the Suit’s finger gliding along my hot, drenched lips. In my imagination Suit’s fingers were cupping my vulva. His finger making little circles around my clit. I screamed into the blankets, not wanting the neighbors to hear as I cam again. It seems to take hours but was probably only a full minute as the orgasm cascaded through my body, tsunamis of liquid squirting out of my pussy. I had to move the vibe away from my clit. It was too intense, almost painful.

I took advantage of the over sensitivity of my clit to move the vibe to my hole. I moved it around and around the opening, letting the vibrations surge up into my pussy. I moaned and moaned into the blanket and bit it as I put the vibe inside. I imagined Suits three finger plunging into me, his hand slapping against my cheeks. I pulled the vibe out and put it and my two fingers back inside. I drove them into me again and again, whimpering into the blanket until my entire body reared and quaked with a mind-erasing orgasm. I did everything in my power to continue to thrust through the jolts until the convulsions dwindled and ended.

As my mind drift in an incoherent haze, all I could think was that I really need this guy to fuck me before I went crazy, before I jumped him. Actually jumping him was starting to sound pretty good. I started to regain consciousness. I rolled over and grabbed my vibrating dildo. I closed my eyes and pictured Suit’s cock. I started to lick the head of the cock, Suit’s cock. I let my tongue make large and then progressively smaller circles around the head until I could put the tip of my tongue into the tiny hole. I needed more. I started to trace the veins on the shaft with my tongue, carefully coating each and everyone with my saliva. Then I started to just lick up and down the shaft, imagining him getting harder and harder against my tongue. I wanted to taste his pre-cum. I wanted to taste him. I took the cock and sucked the head into my mouth, taking in more and more and more. I stopped and let the weight of the cock rest against my tongue and filling my mouth. I then took more of him until the head was firmly pressed against the back of my throat. All of his delicious cock was in my mouth. I wished I had balls to lick, suck squeeze and play with. I moaned against the pole, enjoying how the vibrations shook it against my cheeks and tongue.

I slowly pulled the cock out of my mouth. I let the tip graze my nipple, my belly and my pussy and then slid it in. Mmmmm, God. My back arched as my pussy pushed against the cock, taking it in deeper and deeper. I rode the cock hard; forcing it in deep I swear I could feel it in the back of my throat again. I bucked and roiled against the cock. I knew this was going to be one of those orgasms I was going to have to work for. I love those. I tightened the muscles in my pussy until I could feel every vein squashed against my pussy walls. The fit now was so tight that I couldn’t really thrust the cock in and out anymore. I almost imperceptibly loosened the hold on the cock and then tightened them again. I repeated this again and again. The cock danced from the tiny movements. I groaned, my eyes clenched. I started to play with my nipples, imagining Suit sucking on them while I fucked him with just the muscles in my pussy. I started to squeeze tighter and tighter against the cock as I felt the storm rising. I slightly released my muscles and then tightened again and again. It was building and getting stronger. It was coming, I was going to cum. With the intensity I started to pinch and squeeze my nipples, feeling the sensation all the way down to my clit. I stated to buck harder as my pussy became like a vise against the cock. My pussy muscles started to quiver. I continued the flexing of my muscles. The quivering became pulsing and then lightening struck my clit and the electrical current spread through my entire body even causing my toes to curl and me to whimper.

Several minutes ticked. The cock was still firmly in my pussy and my fingers were pinching my nipples. I released my nipples and they throbbed, aching. My arms fell limply to my sides. I was completely vulnerable and spent. I took a slow deep breath. Released it. Then took another. As I exhaled, I completely relaxed the muscles in my pussy. The cock leisurely slid out of me and came to rest on the bed. The cock released a flood of cum that ran down my ass, creating a wet spot underneath me. I savored it, wallowing in the sticky, gooiness, loveliness of a great orgasm, or series of orgasms.

What an amazing end to an otherwise shitty day.

The next day as I dressed for work I imagined Suit’s reaction. I wore a tailored button down white dress shirt with a flesh colored bra, clasp in front. I would add a black tailored suit coat later. Suite would love the black skirt that only came to mid-thigh. It was summer so no stockings at all. He would also like the purple open toed 2 ½ inch heels; the only color in the entire wardrobe. I was not wearing any panties. Yesterday, the absence of panties had definitely worked in my favor. I was hoping the next encounter would be even more so. At that thought I felt that familiar sensation of heat moving through my clit and down my lips that came whenever I thought of Suit.

Maybe today I would see and feel him again.

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finishes reading your accounting and slowly closes my eyes and takes slow steady breaths, then ... very slowly, sliding down from the chair i kneel on the floor and clasp my hands in prayer, head bowed, i whisper, "thanks to you dear god, o mighty creater of heaven and skirts ...... "

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