Welcome - the Den of Iniquity  

BabyJemxxx 36F
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2/12/2005 9:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Welcome - the Den of Iniquity

Only, it isn't, really. It's actually quite boring on this side of the screen. I'd love to fill up this blog with sordid tales of girl on girl action, of group sex, of the fact that I'm a total slut. Unfortunately, I also have standards. I like to take the time to get to know someone -- is that so wrong?

Anyway, one day I'll have tales of my sexual escapades for all of you to read. For now you'll have to make do with my fantasies and my dreams.

Welcome to my blog.

stamina3k 37M
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6/14/2005 11:15 am

i'd love to fullfill your fantasies and dreams..u sexy thang


12/1/2005 9:25 am

Good for you Jen. We all have standards to some extent. So applying them here & anywhere else is good practise. From the sounds of it you are a very sexual person and have the need to express & explore all of them. Of course keeping your goals in mind as you travel the route of adventure

Just my 2cents....satisfactionMmmm

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