A Sub's Prayer  

BabyDoll734 44F
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3/29/2006 12:12 pm
A Sub's Prayer

I'll serve you in your every need
I'll unleash your dark desires
I'll never question or deny
I'll ignite your lustful fires

From my lips you'll hear not a sound
My arms and legs you will have bound
My head thrown back with desire
Chest heaving as I watch you strip
Breath panting as you crack your whip
I'll do anything that you require

I will kneel at your feet
And release my very soul to you
Your imagination releasing dreams
Showing me the things I need pursue

I shudder as you cover my eyes
The silky scarf, the strong rough ties
My body tingling with anticipation
You lay me back, and drip the wax
My body jumps, lustful passion attacks
This is a moment of your creation

Command me to my knees
Tie me, bind me, make me obey
Use me as your instrument
Take me, I'll do just as you say

Take total control of me
I'll be submissive, you see
I'll crawl on my knees and purr
I'll be so erotic and free
And I'll fuck you madly
I'm sure I'll make a real excellent sub, Sir

As a bond, offer me a collar
Your wish is but a moment away
This is the life I have dreamed of
My life has just started this very day

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