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Okay, here goes nothing. This is your chance to sound off about whatever pisses you off! Anything and everything. From the woman that cut you off at the checkout line, to the War in Iraq. From your mother-in-law to your...well, there isn't much worse than the mother-in-law, but you get the ideal.

I will begin it with this article I wrote:
"America for 2 Cents!"

Why do illegal aliens come here from Mexico and think they own our country? Simply, because our government allows them to.

It is this great nation that we have paid taxes and our families have died for. It is this great nation, that we have worked and sweated for, the land our forefathers were of North American ancestry pre-dating the arrival of the Pilgrims and Ponce De Leon. It is this GREAT NATION that we opened the doors up and said, "COME ON IN Y'ALL, WE GOT PLENTY ROOM!"

And, we wonder why we have terrorist living under our noses? Other countries do not allow you to come into their boundaries, and live without a work permit visa. They check you out from criminal to physical before allowing you to stay longer than a vacation. I recently returned from Europe and witnessed first-hand how they (all European "E-Nations" ) are with foreigners traveling and wanting to stay over in their country. Hell! Most of them over there, especially Switzerland, doesn't even want us over there at all! They think WE are the bad guys of the world, the Big Brother that wants to control everything. In some ways, we do put our two cents in where it is not welcomed. But, on the same respect...Don't take my $12 Billion to help you out of jam, if you're not gonna take my 2 cents advise with it.

Right now, in our own backyard we have illegal (without permits or a green card) aliens living, working, collecting government assistance and going to school on grants and loans that you or I can not get as a natural born American citizen.

So, I say...before we offer any of our $12 Billion and 2 cents to other countries, let's sweep around our on steps and take the trash out! Before we start trying to set up a government and policies for others to follow, let's follow the ones that our forefathers set up. Starting with, WE THE PEOPLE.

It is WE THE PEOPLE that need to wake-up and take a stand for what we believe in and exorcise OUR RIGHTS or we will be the ones taking the next boat out to some country hoping they will be generous enough to let us take up roots there.

So, what's your take on this? I would be interested. This is your chance to SOUND OFF!

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