Sept. Dinner and more!  

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8/11/2005 6:20 am

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Sept. Dinner and more!

Hi everyone,

The Sept Dinner and more have been CANCELED because of the 5 day swinger's cruise Sept 12TH - 16TH 2005. We will be sending out Request for reservations for Oct, 2005 dinner and more party in Sept 2005. ONLY FULL MEMBERS GET REQUEST FOR RESERVATIONS! IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REQUEST FOR RESERVATION EMAIL FROM US, YOU PROBABLY HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE LAST STEP! E-MAIL US.....
The next Bakersfield Sensual Couples party is Saturday, Sept 17Th 2005. To obtain reservations we will be sending out the infamous "Request for reservations..." email on Friday, Aug 12th for you to respond to. The "Request for Reservations" email will be sent to all full members of Bakersfield Sensual Couples group, namely, anyone that has completed the "Last step to join "Bakersfield Sensual Couples" letter (pictures and phone number). If you haven't been receiving the "Request for Reservations..." emails from us, you probably haven't completed the "Last Steps..." email.

Very Important: Let us know TODAY if you have not received a "Request for reservations..." email lately so we can correct any problems now!

When you receive the "Request for Reservations..." email on Friday, August 12, just 'Reply' to it as soon as possible to grab one of the spots for the party. In THAT email (not this one) you will need to answer the following questions:
1) Do you wish to attend the party (please respond either way)
2) Do wish to be a "standby" couple if reservations are full?
3) What is your first choice of potluck dishes? The four choices are:
Main Dish for twenty-four (Three couples will bring one each), OR
Salad and an appetizer for twenty-four (both), OR
Vegetable and a bread item for twenty-four (both), OR
Dessert for twenty-four.

Rich and Patty
Bakersfield Sensual Couples

P.S. Don't forget you MUST reply to the "Request For Reservations..." emails, (not this email) when it is sent, even if you are not able to attend. Some anti-SPAM softwares (AOL and Hotmail for example) assume that if YOU don't occasionally "reply" to our emails that we are a SPAMer. Don't risk missing out on receiving our emails because you didn't "Reply" and are being blocked by your own Internet provider antiSPAM software!!!

~Thank You~

P.S. If you no longer wish to be a member of Bakersfield Sensual Couples and don't want to
receive emails. Please just send a 'reply' to that fact and we will remove you
from our email list immediately. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, never click on "This is Spam" or block our emails, it will prevent others from receiving our emails!

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8/20/2005 8:11 pm

ola nos gustaria asistir

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