Oh, to be used by a black man!!!!!  

BJ_Jenny 35T
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4/1/2006 6:05 am

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4/13/2006 11:31 am

Oh, to be used by a black man!!!!!

This week I've found my self amazed by interacial porn. I found myself thinking of being that little white sult being gang fucked by a big bunch of well hung black guys, to whom I'm just a trophy, a white slag to be used. A piece of meat.

If you've read any of my posts before you may have gathered that I love being covered in cum, drenched in it. Just typing this I'm getting excited! I love the contrast of white sperm on a black girls face; i'd love to lick off every last drop.

There would be to 'girls' there, me, of course, and a cute little black girl surrounded by horny black men who are intent on just using us. To be fucked hard and deep and long by one after another and then have them explode all over our faces as we're share there cocks between us and then lick all of the cum off each others faces, swapping as we go and all the time another man apperaing disgard his man fat all over.....

pet_humility 50F

4/1/2006 6:35 am

This week I've found my self amazed by interacial porn. I found myself thinking of being that little white sult being gang fucked by a big bunch of well hung black guys, to whom I'm just a trophy, a white slag to be used. A piece of meat.

The thing is they ruin it by saying, "are you alright"..lol

customkicksj 36M
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4/1/2006 8:45 am

i hav often wondered what it would be like to be with a white girl,i just want to pin her down a hammer that pussy from the back,dick hard just talking bout it.lol lol

KevenMary 60M/47F
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4/1/2006 10:22 am

My last Blk Man was an unusual affair that is for sure. I meet JD at work and it was so hard not to flirt with him. Keven and I have a very open relationship and after telling him of my attractions for JD he told me to "go for it" if it was something I was drawn to.The flirting at work was mutual and both of us were nearly frantic until one day we finally descided to go all the way. I was to call Keven and let him know as a safety measure but in the heat of the moment the call didn't get made. Anyway I went over to JD's apartment and we flirted until JD picked me up and put me in my favorite position (him standing face to face with me, my legs around his waist. I was afraid he might be to big for my petite frame and was worried as I felt his package swell between my legs. I had to feel it, in my mouth, in my pu**y, but this lap monster would never fit my ass, which JD had already hinted at. JD set me on his leather couch and pulled off his shirt. Rippling abs and chiseled pecks were to my delight as I sat there somewhat dumb founded. He showed me his so I quickly pullen off my top and sports bra. He seemed very pleased as he, inturn and to my shock and awe, drop trow, reveling a 11 to 12 inch long and 2 inch thich, erect and throbbing black cock. Seeing my apparent shock JD softly told me he wouldn't hurt me and be very gentle. I smiled and reached up and wraped my hand around his wonderfully thick shaft, pulling him to my mouth. Never have I had such a monster cock as JD's and wanted desperatly to suck him to orgasm.
However, just getting the head of his cock into my mouth was a chore.I could'nt perform as well on JD's cock as I could Keven's but I gave it my best for about 30 minutes or so.That great black Cock had wore my mouth out!
JD, becoming very turned on, moved me to a position over the arm of the couch and rolled on a rubber. Sure you don't want me to tap that tight little ass, Mary." JD asked. "OHHH, No!" I panted as he slid his massive cock down the crack of my ass." No JD you're just to,to BIG!". JD then move the well sucked head of his cock to my now dripping pu**y and I took a breath as he started working his foot of manmeat in to my straining cunt.JD had and extremely hard time not shooting his load while working his cock slowly deeper and deeper. His moans crackled from the velvet friction caused by his huge cock and my tight hungery pu**y. Jd caught his second wind as he bottomed out my cunt. Reaching between my legs I could feel what shaft was still unburied in my overloaded pu**y."Pump my cunt slowly JD." I cooed at him, wanting to enjoy some slow stroking before I let him go full throttle. JD and I were both groaning with each slow stroke into my cunt before I I suddenly demanded. "JD, Fuck me Baby, Fuck me Hard!!!". Like a steam engine JD start to increase speed and power with every stroke. If I only had Keven's Cock fucking my mouth right then I surely would of cum buckets. But,I wanted JD to come hard so I told him I wanted to feel my blow his load in my cunt. Only a few srtokes later JD body exploded as his body jerked with pleasure I could feel the condom swell with JD sweat ejaculation.
I only hooked up with JD one more time before moving back to Colorado and leaving JD forever. Funny thing was even after Keven said it was OK to Fuck JD, it took me over a year to tell him that I had actually (In fact)fucked JD. Oh well, the next time I find stud like JD I going to bring Keven along to make me cum on my new lovers cock. MARY

BJ_Jenny 35T

4/5/2006 5:10 am

WOW what a story! THATS WHAT I WANT!!

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