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She was taking most of his cock it was amazing. I was in
total shock John started pulling his clothes off heading
her way. “Fuck her good and hard Rob she loves it rough,
don’t you wendy,” said Leroy pulling his cock out and
letting her switch to the other guy.

Rob started really fucking her so hard she had to stop
sucking ‘Ooh yes, yes fuck me hard you fuck’ she screamed
at him craning her head to look over her tits and tummy
and gritting her teeth, he hammered into her sending her
rolls of fat rippling up her body she was sweating hard
too and her face was bright red.

“I’m making you come bitch aren’t I? Come all over my
cock baby,” he snarled down at her, the boys laughed both
of them tugging on their cocks.

John had his cloths off now and he dropped down beside
her and started mauling her massive tits while I stood
exactly where I had been when we walked in, I moved back
and sat down on the sofa puling my coat off. The boys had
flipped her over onto her hands and knees and it was John
behind her feeding her his cock while the guy who had
been fucking her was jerking off into her face.

He came hard showering her face with spunk and the slut
was trying to get as much of it into her mouth as she
could, she gave up as John started banging into her hard
sending her rocking back and forth. Her huge ass that I
had only seen up to now in black leggings with a T-shirt
covering most of it was now in full view and it was huge.

John powered into her hard making her flabby cheeks shake
and wobble back and forth like jelly, the guy who just
came on her face was replaced by Leroy trying hard to get
into her mouth. “Filthy slut,” grunted John. “Look at
that big ass man, I’m gonna come all over it,” he
continued then pulled out and sprayed her back almost up
to her head with spunk he let the rest run down her ass
crack but WENDY was too busy sucking Leroy’s cock to

This woman that I know the prim and proper mother and
housewife with a huge black cock in her mouth and her
face covered in spunk, she was sucking him like a pro and
my cock was hard. It came to me clear, I was going to
fuck her I was going to fuck this 43 year old slut and
she was in for a shock.

I quickly pulled my clothes off while the third guy
mounted her from behind going straight into a hard
violent fuck which she seemed to like as she came again
hard screaming the house down, Leroy looked close to
coming too making a funny face as he jerked off at her
waiting open mouth.

John had slumped down near them and was watching closely
grinning up at me as I walked over to them. “Ooh yeah
baby, take it, take it bitch,” groaned the guy fucking
her as he pounded her, she took it with ease still
licking Leroy’s cock. “I’m gonna come Leroy, you ready,”
he panted at Leroy.

“Yeah buddy lets do it,” he replied. He pulled out of her
well fucked cunt and moved around fast to her face where
he joined Leroy, they both jerked off pointing their
cock’s at her waiting face.

Leroy came first but his buddy followed right after, it
was filthy to watch her face was slick with thick gobs of
spunk and she was gobbling their cocks in turn, she was
trying to get both knobs into her mouth at the same time
when I dropped behind that
massive ass.

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am what you call a captive audiance. from the first time i started reading i could not stop, i just have to get to the end of the story. You are good, very good and guest what am CUMMING!

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