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Just follow me and wait and see, I promise you’ll love

this is what my friend john told me i was getting married and he wanted me to have a good time before my big day

Now here he was dragging me to some apartment block and
knocking on a door, it was answered by a black guy about
25 who had just a towel around his waist. They gave each
other high fives and seemed to be good friends, “Come on
in buddy, the parties already started,” he said and
showed us in.

I was last in line as we walked into the sitting room I
heard the sounds first and then from over John’s back I
saw a woman on her back on the floor with one guy fucking
her and another one feed her his cock.
, she looked 35′ish and
was a bbw, the guy fucking her was really pumping her and
her tummy and large tits where flopping up and down her
body the only sounds she made where muffled sounds as she
sucked the other cock.

John turned to me grinning and said in a low voice,
“She’s a Spanish teacher from san juan who comes up here
once a month to get royally fucked. I kid you not. Leroy
meets her first but every time she asks him to find her
more guys and now when she comes up he invites some
friends over to fuck her.”

I looked over at her and Leroy was just getting into
position near her head with his large black cock in hand,
she stopped sucking the white one and moved to wrap her
mouth around the black cock and I saw her face. Holy shit
I knew this woman, knew her! She was my wife’s best
friend and my next-door neighbour.

She didn’t even notice John and I but sucked Leroy’s huge
cock into her mouth. wendy was not 35 . She was 43 and the
mother of three grown children all of which I knew well,
she was very close to my wife and gave the appearance of
a loving very respectable school teacher and house wife.

“Suck it baby, suck that cock,” said Leroy sliding his
cock into her mouth. “I invited two more hard cocks for
you slut, you’re going to have fun tonight.”

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turned me on!

Traveller8877 41M
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6/25/2006 8:09 pm

storie got me hot

SirMounts 104M

6/27/2006 9:55 am

Welcome to blogging, BigSexy Girl. *smiling*


6/28/2006 11:55 am

this storie is hot got me wet my finger myself right at the office


6/28/2006 11:56 am

BIGSEXY_GIRL you sure know how to turn me on

southrodnasty 33M
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8/16/2008 9:42 pm


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