something's brewing...  

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2/21/2006 8:22 pm

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something's brewing...

well the ex-wife hollered tonight..wants to know If I would like to come over tomorrow night for one of our mutual masturbation sessions....Laying on opposite couches across from each other...we both break out our choosen lubricants and oil if u will....I go with strawberry flavored wet, she goes with this gourmet feminine liquidgizer of some sort...the session begins...starts off slow while chatting about how our day went...leading up to what I really want to tell her mother and what she'd like to do to my mom...then goes to me telling her to slow down and rub her clit like she's trying to get overtime at work...nice and got one speed..pour a lot of goob over the head and choke while rubbing it like im on the autobahn!!..dont hate...thas the way she likes me to do it....hard and twisting climaxing..I'm literrally pitching cum across to her couch....damn...I cant wait!

Wet_Hot_Ebony 57F

2/1/2007 8:13 am

Big J ... lubricant is a joke b/c I am so wet & hot all the time I don't need any lube (lol). RU ready for some real wet & hot sex?

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