all you viewers make a post!  

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9/24/2005 5:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

all you viewers make a post!

hope my blog is doing a-ok and viewers respond dont just view and leave

2xTwiceShy 52M
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9/24/2005 6:09 pm

The write something ya dolt.

JaniSux 46F

9/24/2005 7:13 pm

I agree with twice shy, you get more responses if you'd write a bit more.. but then again it's your blog and you can do whatever the hell you want..


PS - I love the profile pic! It's very hot..


9/24/2005 8:57 pm

i dont really feel like typing a complete paragraph and simply elaborating over things that can be summed up in a sentence.

RavishingRed1062 55F

9/25/2005 9:39 am

Well... I have to agree with the others, ya got to give your readers something to read... lol... Tell about stuff that happens to you during your day, ESPECIALLY sex stuff... we PERVS... err.. I mean THE PERVS really seem to like that stuff...

rm_Tc2hart 52F

9/28/2005 1:25 pm

you are sexy and hot... and young... damn darlin!


9/29/2005 5:30 pm

thx you tc plenty of me to please you

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