Hurricane Rita the saga continues  

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9/21/2005 5:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hurricane Rita the saga continues

Good Morning my friends. The never ending saga continues with hurricane season... Our new hurricane Rita has strength again. I got up this morning watching the news at 6:30 am central time, she was at cat3 status 120 mph winds. Now not even 30 minutes later (6:59 am central) She has strength to cat4 status 135 mph winds. My friends, keep a close eye on her cause you never know which way she will go....


9/21/2005 11:07 am

new update on Rita:

It is now 1:05 pm central time. Growing more and more concerned about this hurricane. Rita has now reached winds of 140 mph. Getting very close to cat5 status. I hope and pray people are paying attention to the reports and get to hell out of there.


9/21/2005 11:44 am

new update:

Just heard on weather channel rita is now at 150mph

155 or more is cat5


9/21/2005 1:27 pm

It is now 3:36 pm central time weather channel has now said Rita is at 165 mph cat5 status. Say a prayer for those in the path of Rita

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