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2/27/2005 1:50 am

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Reading for Content

Alright - YES. I know this is a personals site. But it's also a fantastic resource straight toward the people who are in scene, which is why I posted the ad I did. If you look at my ad I click that I'm interested in every fetish and every type of person - that's true. Because I wanted people to see the ad! And I don't care what the kink is - if they have a story to tell I want to hear it.

The text of my ad is VERY plain and straightforward. I explain about the book, that I'm looking for stories, that I'm a writer. My profile also states I'm married.

I've lost count of the number of replies I've gotten - all saying basically the same thing. "HI! I've got a 9 inch cock and I know how to use it! U R HOT! Write me!" Those are just amusing - and yes, I'm saving them too for examples of what really happens in places like this, no matter what your ad reads!

The best one by far was the one who poetically announced I was the lady of his dreams. I was his perfect match and we should stroll down sunset beaches to soft music together. LOL!! It was a form letter, of course, but it was a good one. Except for one thing - there's no way he could have read word one of what I wrote.

Which leads me to wonder... is the basic strategy a bit like the spreading of seeds? If you throw enough of them in enough places, totally random, odds are one will sprout? Does that mean we're afraid to work? To read for content? Or does that mean that this is a good indicator of the desperation level of people who frequent this site? HUM.

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