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BCJackDaniel 39M
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4/23/2006 12:52 pm
Sex Views

Maybe I did go a little over-board with the Freaks Blog...

My point is that this is a site for men, women, couples, and others to find one another and have some fun, right. And with that, thier views of sex would be more open and free.

There are the freaks out there and I'd love to party with one or some of them.

And yes, There are the nice girls out there that are looking for either just a little action, or maybe husband material. I'd love to find me one of those, that is, I want to commit to a relationship. I had one that I let slip away and now everyday I look back and see the simple bliss of waking up next to one you can feel so at home with. I want that too.

In a nut shell ;

I want sex, that's a give in.

But I want to find others that hold the same views as I.

Ultimately, I want to find that woman to marry, swinging or no swinging. Just a woman that is my equal.

Not only am I not finding my equal but not really finding anybody at all.

Mostly dudes and from what I can tell, no offence dudes, but your a dime a dozen.

So, I think I answered my own question......

I just have to make myself to be worth more on the market. lol

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