Something that Makes you go UMMPH! UMMPH!  

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5/2/2006 9:54 am

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Something that Makes you go UMMPH! UMMPH!

I have found myself in the presence of a man that connected with a while back. I thought that I got over the way he made/makes me feel. I can remember the soft full lips that touched mine and the warmth of the arms that enveloped me. I miss the conversations we would have and how often he would say that I was beautiful in mind and body and how he had not met a spirit such as mine.

Ummph, Ummph, Ummph!
What to do? I find myself wanting him back in my life. I think we both know that we are not ready for each other yet though. There are pages in both our lives that still need to be turned and we can't look further in the book to see what happens but we must move forward and continue to read the script that life has handed us. We must continue to act out the pages until our characters have another scene together.

Dang he is fine. Senual, Successful, respectful and loving. A Gentle giant that is tender to the touch of one's soul. He invades my dreams and always has since the day I met him. I get wet just at the thought of the that deep bass voice singing but especially when he drops is an octave and speaks softly to me.

I feel like I got a hit of some drug and I am feeling high just from contact with the brother again. I long for another hit of him. I hunger for all of him. I desire the extinquishing of the flame of desire I have for him before I am consumed in the flames of passion that I have no means of controlling in my dry and thirsty plain.
Ummph, Ummph, ummph!!
I got it bad!

ChocolateSistah 50F

5/25/2006 4:41 pm

Yes hell you do!..{{wink}}

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