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3/13/2006 9:44 am

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Having a Moment

I got this message in my email today. I was already in thought about staying on this site or leaving it when the sender wrote:


Most women who want to have relationships with men want to have a GOOD Man. A man without hang ups is not necessarily a real creature. We all have hang ups of one form or another. My stories are just that stories. My fantasies are often softer with women and dominant with men. I am a good woman and it is a damn shame that I have to come to a site like this where sex is the demand and not necessarily a relationship with the woman. This is a hit it and quit it site. If anyone deludes themselves into thinking that they will obtain a "real relationship" with someone based on sexual desire, compatibility or a good fuck they will be sadly mistaken. We all want more from life and it is unfortunate that we have settled our thinking that sexual desire, lustful fantasy, one night stands or repeat performances with willing partners will soothe the need for what we really want or desire deep down inside. True intimacy? Mind blowing Sex? The Monster orgasm? I don't know what anyone else's deep desires are and I can't speak to them. I just feel like I am getting lost in the midst of self- expression mentally, physically and spiritually. Who Am I and What Am I really doing here?

swmlikesbbws 65M

7/27/2007 12:32 pm

that happens to me too BBW52hh, sometimes I feel like God is keeping that big beautiful buxom lady from me for something I did or didnt do. Then, I want to wait for that special someone you know, so I try to abstain from sex. In some ways I have done that since I havent been with a woman in over 4 years, hasnt been easy. Dont get me wrong, I have had chances at one night stands, but that just isnt me. I want to be needed, loved like you say deep inside your soul, that special lady knows what i need, and I can feel her needs with love, respect, admiration, trust for each other.
So, I have come to this site trying to find that woman. However, I did start contacting some ladies through posts, then emails, then i found out that AdultFriendFinder had froze my email account, due to your not suppose to send contact info till the 4th exchange, on a box that shows while your typing emails letter, it says 2 messages, but it really you cant send contact info till the 4th email reply, has to be after the 3rd reply exchange, so i wasnt on AdultFriendFinder for awhile, etc.
To me you build a relationship, first that has to be some kinda of attraction, whether its friendship, or liking someones appearance, then you build on that with love, trust, admiration, respect, understanding, commmunicating, and making love, with commitment in a serious relationship, and you grow together as one, wanting what is better for the other person as a whole. joe

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