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I was sent an email that excited me and yet on one hand disturbed me. I got a response from a few couples that wanted to hook up. Since this is the first time in 12-13 years that I wanted to be with another woman, and it is the first time I have ever ventured out into something such as AdultFriendFinder, I am being cautious and taking it slow. I emailed the couples letting them know my concerns. Then I opened an email that had a familiar greeting of interest and request for contact if I was interested. It was nothing in the email that stood out and the couple looked nice enough from the thumbnail picture. However, when I opened their profile and I saw some other pictures of the wife, they were tastefully done and not explicit like most, I had to read what they were into and what they were looking for. The experience that they wanted was for her desires to be met with another woman. Now, I’ve been curious enough to want to do group sex in the 2-1 sense of group sex.
The pictures were only thumbnails and the details were hard for me to see but the gist of the comeliness of the couple was not lost. What really was not lost in translation was how I reacted to the profile or should I say to the wife. She literally made my mouth water. In my response to the email, I told them so and suggested a place where we could meet. From then on, she was on my mind. I anticipated running my hands over her body and desired to taste kisses from her lips. I could see myself eating hell out of her sweet pussy. I was longing hook her thighs over my shoulder and fuck her with my tongue.
Then the email came with phone numbers being exchanged. She called me. We chatted a little and gave one another the run down on who we were and then we started probing our sexual experiences and expectations. I told her that I have never had a response to another woman like this before and she wanted me to explain my anticipation of meeting her. We both agreed that there are just times when you just crave pussy. You long to put your face in a pussy and make it cum like your own. I told her my fantasy was how I would approach our first meeting.
They take me to a hotel close to our meeting place. Your husband wants to watch you enjoy a woman for the first time before joining the activities. Tonight will be our night. I am very oral towards you and very sensuous. I am told I am a very good kisser and I wanted to show you just how much by pressing you up against the wall and frenching you breathless. My hands massage your firm small breast teasing and tweaking your nipples. My mouth nibbles your neck while I do this. You are wearing a slip of a dress without underwear and I peel it off your shoulders letting it pool around your ankles. I look at how beautiful you are naked before me in nothing but a strappy pair of high heels. I’d then turn you away from me, kiss your neck and shoulders, and massage your breast from behind. I then lightly trail my hands down your stomach and finger your pussy teasingly, enough to make you squirm but not enough to satisfy, all the while I’d be grind my pussy into your ass.
I’d then make you assume the position for frisking. I begin tracing kisses down your back between your shoulder blades and lightly run my nails down the sides of your body, the undersides of your breast, across your nipples, the flat of your stomach and in soft circles around your ass as my mouth goes lower down your spine. My hands are on your hips and I place kisses, licks and nibbles along each cheek. You shiver and moan anticipating what’s to come next. I spread your cheeks, run my tongue slowly in small tight circles down your crack, and hit your bud. You arch back pushing your ass towards my tongue. Because of the way I am teasing you your pussy is so wet that I get the first taste of your honey as go past your bud. You ask me not to stop and your breathing is getting heavier but I do stop and you press your head against the wall and ask me why am I teasing you this way.
I want more but I want to prolong the tasting of your body. I want you crazy with anticipation before I satisfy my craving for your honey. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bed, and place you in such a way that when I do lay you down your husband can see the look of pleasure on your face as the flame of your desire is stoked and then put out by my manipulations. As you sit you, watch me undress and begin to stroke your pussy. I stop you and put your hands on your breast instead. I don’t want you to cum until I am ready to take you to the peak. I love the contrast of my big breast in comparison to your smaller ones. My being a BBW does not bother you and it makes my all the more crazy to please your pussy. Why does a BBW feel the need to prove something in this arena? It is evident, most other people don’t want to give us a chance and they don’t know what they are missing until we show them otherwise. And I am about to show you.
I kiss you deeply making you breathless again. I begin trailing kisses down your neck and onto your décolletage. You offer your right breast to my lips as I kneel between your legs. I lick around the swell of your breast before pulling the hardened peak into my mouth sucking on it hard then plucking it with teeth and lips. I manipulate the other breast now doing the same going back and forth between the two. You head is back and you’re moaning that it feels so good. I massage your nipples and start kissing the flat of your stomach tonguing your navel and then placing little nips along the sides of your hipbones.
I lay you back spreading your legs and I begin licking and nibbling the crease of inner thigh. Your anticipation is high your hand go to the back of my head and you try to grind your pussy to my face. I lick the crease along side you pussy instead and you can feel the heat of my breath as I lift your leg and work my nibbles to the underside of your thigh. I tongue and bite the back of your knee nibble your calf and run a slick tongue along your ankle. I proceed to do the reverse to the other leg. There is so much honey flowing out of you in anticipation that it is covering your bud and I slowly run a finger around it as my mouth meets the inner thigh crease of your other leg. I place my hands on the backs of your knees, push them towards your chest, and begin to give your pussy sweet relief. I tongue your slit and then your asshole. Your pussy lips are so puffy and your clit is hard. I lap the honey out of you and I feel you begin to shake. I press the flat of my tongue over your clit sliding it around in a small circle and hum hard. I slide a finger in your ass as I work your pussy with three fingers of my other hand. You cum again as I continue to hum along your clit making my mouth buzz like a vibrator. I can sense the change in your oh’s and ah’s into mm’s and look up to see a big grin on your face. I come up and kiss you letting you taste your juice from my lips.
I am not through with you yet. We have pulled out a few of your toys from the bag you brought to the room earlier. I lie on my back and tell you to mount me in a sixty-nine. My pussy has dripped so much that my juices are running down my inner thighs. You would swear I came as much if not more than you did just from eating your sweet pussy. We have to actually wipe me off before you even get to taste me. The two of you say you have never seen a pussy get that wet before it has even had anything done to it before. It doesn’t take much to get me to cum when you dive into my pussy. You suck on my click like a little dick and shove a thick dildo into my overflowing honey pot. I slide the thin vibrator in and out of your pussy as I suck your clit and then replace it with my tongue as I slide the vibe in and out of your ass.
I feel my thighs being pushed back and I can tell your husband has joined us. I can hear your mouth being filled with your husband’s dick. I hear him moan as he cums in your mouth and you suck him down. You continue to suck him and work the dildo in and out of me. I hear the ripping of a condom package and I feel him come up behind me. You remember me telling you how I wanted to feel a big dick in my ass as someone sucked on my pussy. You remove the dildo from my pussy letting my juice flow to the crack of my ass. Your hubby still lubes up as a precaution and I feel him press his thick cock head against my asshole. It pops in just fine and then he presses forward stretching me feeling some resistance. He slides out and back in again and I have relaxed enough to accommodate him. On the third press, he is all the way inside and I am cumming as soon as you put your talented tongue back in my pussy. I am cumming so hard that I am screaming and begging for him to fuck my ass harder and for you to suck my clit like a good girl. I show my appreciation on your pussy and your asshole with the vibe. We all cum cover in sweat. Your husband goes and takes a shower and then we go and take one together. We take the cum-covered bedspread off the bed and climb in with you sandwiched in the middle. We sleep for a few hours and go our separate ways. I kiss your husband and then kiss you like I could swallow you whole. I tell you to think of me on your lunch break and if you can get away I’d like to eat you for my second meal of the day and then after you have feed your husband his dinner, (some food and some pussy), I’d like to come over have the two of you for my dessert. Til we meet again.

What can I say anticipation is the best kind of foreplay?

rm_clitoral_man 52M
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1/19/2006 7:05 pm

Very erotic BBW52! With anticipation like that, I sense an electrifying climax! Lucky couple (as well as you). Am looking forward with anticipation for more


ffcpm13 49M/44F

1/29/2006 11:08 am

Wow, very impressive. A mind like that shows the depth that we are in search of in a friend in and out of the bedroom. We can't wait to hear back from you, whenever you are ready...

rm_MrRite23 46M
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2/13/2006 10:32 am

hey i was checking you age. born in 1970 huh. i came in 1971. isn't great at our age not to old but still young enough. just wanted to give you a comment. don't you hate when nobody leaves anything?

rm_oldhat1957 60M

2/25/2006 6:26 pm

WOW - I would like to hear more from you. Wish I wasn't all the way around the world. Lots of love


3/7/2006 6:06 pm

I am glad that you like the story. I will be adding a few more within the week.

rm_mlec 42M
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10/18/2006 9:07 pm

great...story, truly captivating. Wish i was there to film it.

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