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Essay on me...

The biggest reason for doing this essay isn't because I think everyone out there who is reading this is interested in me or even really wishes to know anything about me . . . believe me if you know me . . . I'm anything but conceited and full of myself. The reason for it is because as some know I get a lot of emails asking if these stories are real….

The most popular question I'm asked is: Are your stories from real-life experiences? The answer to that is a simple, "No." I have not ever had a 4-way or dressed up in men's clothing pretending to be a man . . . unless you want to count the times I was a kid and had to play the Prince who rescued the Princess, but come on . . . I had three sisters growing up and no brothers; one of us always played the good guy or the bad guy.

Helpful Whispers starts out similar to an experience that happened at High School friend's graduation party. I had a crush on this boy named Jose’. He was so cute, black hair, black eyes, you couldn't ask for a sexier Mexican to come knocking at your door. He was a god His father was a Psychiatrist and he did show several of us the trick with the crystal teardrop, but that was it; the rest of the story was just something that came to mind.

Another question I'm asked is: What is your ultimate fantasy? I answered this honestly to someone once and they laughed at me. It is a simple one I guess . . . at least compared to some fantasies I've written and/or read. I want what many folks to want. I want love. I know... simple. I don't need public sex. I don't need a fantasy. I don't need suspended from a ceiling and flogged, though I wouldn't pass that up either. It would just e nice to be in love with a man that I trust.

That of course leads to the question... Would the man be your boyfriend? Realistically? My boyfriend would hog tie me to the bed, before he let me participate in a threesome with or without him... being tied up isn't a bad thing. So, if my boyfriend would be willing then yes with him. What woman? Well, we are talking Ultimate fantasy right? Angelina Jolie or Jeri Ryan ( the actress who played Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager ), would do just FINE Now, if boyfriend isn't part of the action, realistically I wouldn't participate, but again FANTASY So, I could toss Harrison Ford, a young Sam Elliot, Vin Diesel... oh and Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington... Hell, there are just way to many men to list, so I best just move on . . .

Where do my ideas come from, is another question I am often asked. I can honestly tell you I don't sit around and think about sex all day long. Surprised aren't you? My ideas pop into my head from out of the blue usually.

Are any of my stories based on fantasies I have? Yes, there are. With the story Hot and Ready I was driving home when I saw two young men and their friends on the porch of a log cabin. It was a hot summer day and they were shirtless. I thought that it would be nice to just drive up and "play" with those two handsome young men. But, I didn't... at least not in reality.

Where is the strangest place you've had sex? I get this question a lot. Strangest place? None… The riskiest place is behind the school, on a blanket with the baseball game about 100 hundred yards away. Wow... how many fantasies did I shatter with that answer?

Why did you start writing erotica and how long have you been writing? I have been writing since May 2005. My twin sis, Mellody, used to push me to do my best…

One of the greatest things I've gotten from this experience is the wonderful letters from readers. I am touched when someone writes me and asks me if I'll write a story for them. Yes! I will write a story for someone, but I don't agree to all stories. If I don't think I can truly portray the person(s)' fantasy then I will apologize and turn them down.

My greatest pleasure is trying to write something for someone else.

In September 2005, I had a box inside me open up. I hadn't written a word of poetry since the age of 12 and then it was only for a school assignment. Suddenly out of nowhere I started spitting poetry out. I don't know why... I don't know what spurred it, but something did... or perhaps someone.

My poetry ranges from silly Devil's Journey to very painful Pain Cuts Deep. I try to express what I am feeling and usually that is in rhyme. I've tried free verse... I haven't mastered it yet. But I'll still write poems. When I am sad, it usually takes a couple poems to get me back to my perky self.

Finally... I saved the best for last, or if you have lasted this long... the end is in sight.

What turns you on? Oh... see what happens when you wait till the end. I wish I could say I've experienced all these things that turn me on, but I can't. What I'm going to tell you are things that turn me on and things I think I would like to try.

I love it when my boyfriend runs his fingers through my hair. I can't tell you how many times I have "threatened" to cut it, just so he'd run his fingers through it. I did cut it all off, once. He doesn't go out for donuts when I'm at the hairdresser's anymore.

Kiss the back of my neck and I will melt. Tingles will run up and down my spine and even my sex will feel a welcoming wave of delight. Back kisses... OMG! I love back kisses. When you can feel the heat of your partner's breath against your skin, but they aren't yet making contact... and then suddenly they do. I moan and ache for more.

Favorite Sexual Position? Doggie, is there anything better? Just been me over an pull my hair baby!!!! It is hot. Steamy. Erotic. Wonderful. Orgasmic. I get so lost in the emotions that roll through me that I get a bit vigorous as well...Oral is a veryyyyyyyyy close 2ed. lol

My favorite fantasies to use during sex: Yes. I, like millions of other people in the world, imagine something in my head during sex that adds to my pleasure.

This is just a glimpse into my life. There is more to me. I am a mom, sister, a daughter and a friend. I'm a lover and a writer... (Isn’t that a song lyric?) No matter what though, I'm me and until someone finds a cure for that, I'll always be me, the Ice Princess.

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8/23/2006 1:23 pm

Thanks - but honestly why should you feel that you owe people and explanation of yourself. They should like you for yourself plain and simple, no explanation necessary!

Until later

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