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ONe day sitting at home doing my everyday chores . Of course me in the
nude as always .Just cleaning my home just moping and dusting and doing
my dishes getting all hot and sweaty from it all .The sweat running
down my breast . Makes me think of me and aman just fucking and getting
all hot and sweaty. Oh i am getting so turned on now thinking of this.
I start caressing my breast just rubbing the sweat around .well i start
getting into it so much my hand is running down my breasts to my
stomach and then i run my hand to my pussy . Me standing there in
front of the open window letting the cool breeze blow on my me as i
play with my pussy and the breeze making my nipples hard. I bring my
breast up to suck on my own nipples.Oh i am so hot and horny now i
decide to go get in the shower and wash myself and get all nice and
clean .As i wash my body i slowly caress my breasts i pinch and twist
on my nipples oh it feels so good it is making my pussy twitch. So i
take the washcloth and i wet it and then soap it up i take it and i
put it between my pussy lips and one hand in front and one from behind
and i pull up on it to make it tight against me.Then i start pulling
back and forth it sliding against my pussy and my clit . Oh it is
feeling so good doing that and the shower running over my body . Now i
am feeling so hot i want to cum so bad so i take the soap and i thrust
it up in my pussy. Oh yes that feels so good . oh my goodness here
i cum cum just squirting all over . So i finsh up my shower now . I
gat out of the shower now . I am drying off there is a knock at the
door. I go to the door and there i am naked standing with a towel in
my hand . I open the door to my surprise it is the police. One male
officer and one female . They are there standing and looking me up and
down . Oh the thoughts that run through my mind just now me still in a
horny mood from the shower. They are asking me if i have seen or heard
anything going on in the neighbor the last few nights. I said no i
sure have not heard anyting .Why what is going on i say . And then i
said why don't you come in and let me know what is happening so i am
alert as what to watch out for. So they come in i offer them something
to drink they said no thank you .So theni say are you ok with me like
this or would you like me to put something on . The male officer looks
at me says oh no your fine . And from the corner of my eye i see the
lady officer looking at me she has the look of desire in her eyes . I
go over and i sit right next to the lady officer i am sititng there
listening to them tell me what has been going on in the neighborhood
. So i then raise my hand and i put it back down on her leg .Then
she somewhat lightly moves her leg a little open hoping i don't notice.
So i slide my hand a little more toward her pussy up her thigh she
then relaxes back on the couch .So as she leans back i lean back to
sliding my hand up her thigh even further to her pussy she starts to
move like she is enjoying it . And the other officer just watching .
He starts to remove his uniform shirt cause he is getting hot just
from watching me caress the outside of the female officer. Then she
reaches over and starts massaging my very large 52ddd breasts. Then
i undo her shirt and i start caressing her breasts . Then the male
officer comes over to the couch and joins us and he starts sucking
and biting my nipples.Oh this is so wonderful me sucking her breasts
and her playing with one of mine and him sucking mine to and me rubbing
her pussy through her pants . So now i remove her pants and panties .
the officer he removes his pants. Now they are both sucking on my
breasts.As they do that i have one hand fingering her pussy and the
other is stroking his cock . He reaches up and he kisses me and then
goes back to sucking my nipple. Oh this is so wonderful she is moving
and grinding against my fingers and she starts saying more i only
have 2 fingers in her i am thinking she wants more oh wow i know what
i can do now so now we all get up and we go to the bedroom. I lay her
down on the bed and i get between her legs and he gets between mine.
So now i go back to fingering her and he starts to finger me and i tell
him i want you to go slowly but i want you to start one by one till
you have your whole fist in my pussy fucking it good he said okay . So
as he is doing that to me i am doing the same thing to her oh yes it
turns me on so much to see a fist in a womans pussy. Oh so i am getting
ever so wet from fisting her pussy and him fisting mine. Now i tell him
swing his legs around the front of me . Now i can reach his cock and i
start sucking his cock and i tell her i want her to finger his ass
really good . Keep putting as many fingers in his ass as you can as
long as he is taking it . Now this is getting real good lots of moaning
and wet pussy and cock sucking and ass fucking going on. Now will all
trade on things we are doing . me i am still sucking now he is in front
of me laying down . I hand her a strap on i have next to the bed . She
puts it on .Now i tell her fuck me bitch fuck my pussy good. It is a 8"
cock in length and about 4" in girth . Oh it feels so good and me
sucking him and he is watching me be fucked by his partner . he is just
so happy. As i am sucking him i am fucking his ass also . Well that
all goes on for a little bit and then we switch again . This time he
is going to fuck her pussy and i am going to fuck his ass with my strap
on . Oh yes this is so fucking hot iam saying to him fuck that bitches
pussy fuck it hard . Him moaning and enjoying me fucking his ass. I
tell him you like being fucked in the ass don't you . Your my ass
whore now i tell him . now we switch up again this time he is laying
i climb on his cock and ride it and as i do that she is going to fuck
my ass with the strap on. Oh yes that feels so good . Oh wow we just
got started doing that now i am going to cum from it feeling so good .
I scream out load oh yes bitch fuck my ass fuck it hard. MMMMM i am
cumming so much lots and lots of cum just squirting and gushing from
my pussy . Now it is her turn to fuck him and me fuck her ass at the
same time .She climbs up on him and start riding his cock and me
fucking her ass. Oh she is moaning and groaing and so is he . I told
her bitch fuck his cock and i am going to fuck your ass good . Going
to fuck you so good your not going to be able to walk very good when
i get done with you . Oh yes she starts screaming here i cum so as she
is cumming i lean down and catch the cum running down his cock as she
goes up and down on his cock . To mine and her amazment he has not yet
cum and he is still going strong .so now since her and i both have cum
real good it is time to make him really cum good .well we both start
sucking his cock . Oh he is loving that sucking his balls licking and
tongue fucking his ass at the same time . Oh yes he is starting to pump
his cock in and out faster and faster in her mouth with me tongue
fucking his ass . So now i take and i insert a coupkle of fingers in
his ass as she is sucking .Massaging his prostate making him get closer
and closer to wanting to cum . I get my whole fist in his ass . Now me
fist fucking his ass her sucking his cock oh yes he is screaming out to
us yes bitch fuck my ass harder and says and you suck my cock you slut.
I told him let us know when he is going to cum cause i want him to
shoot his cum in both our mouths. Well he says well get ready you
bitches cause here i cum and he lets out this big ol scream i never
heard a man scream so much when cumming . Oh when he is shooting his
load it so much of it like he has not cum in a very long time and it
shoots right into our mouths . Now her and i kiss sharing the cum in
our mouths with each other swallowing it down . Oh yes it tastes so
good . I looked at them both and said you 2 are so fucking hot . Then
he looked at the time and said we have got to go . We really don't want
to love to stay and play more but duty does call . So i tell them you
know where i am and here is my number call me and let's do this more
often . And the both of them answer with hell yes we will be back for
sure cause you are one hot fucking lady and we can have lots more fun
when we don't have to work . So they get up and get dressed . And i
walk them to the door . Then we all kiss goodbye and say howe much we
had fun and we will be back they said . So now i go lay out on the bed
to relax a few before i shower again. I fall asleep and i don't realize
i fell asleep and then i heard a knock at the door again . Well about 4
jours has passed by i slept for 4 hours .Well i go answetr the door
and to my surprise guess who it was . Yes it was the officers back
already for more play. So you know what goes on from here . we do the
same things all over again but this time we do it all night long . This
went on for 6 hours straight .Oh what fun we had .

The End

rm_spicensporty 50M

4/19/2006 3:16 pm

What's your greatest strength, your writing skills or your actions?

rm_joe11753 65M

4/19/2006 5:48 pm

Yes, do you really like to ride on top Linda, and doesnt a strap-on hurt a guy's virgin ass? Liked the story it was hot. joe

borobadlad2 47M

4/20/2006 6:51 am

I'd love to be the male officer, strap it on and bend me over!

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